12-14 February, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen

Christian Skovbjerg Jensen Christian Skovbjerg Jensen

Christian Skovbjerg Jensen
Director at Inter Arts Center

He is the director of Inter Arts Center, a platform for artistic research and experimental art, established by the Faculty of Performing Arts at Lund University, Sweden, in 2010. He is also the founder of and curator at Somewhere, a new public art initiative based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has curated a wide range of public and collaborative art projects, such as Sit down! (2006). In 2010 he was the artistic director of TUMULT, an international art festival, with new commissioned works by Aleksander Mir, Mark Dion, Thomas Kilpper, Danh Vo, and Superflex, to mention a few of the 21 artists who contributed with new public projects made especially to the area of Lolland, Falster, Møn and Vordingborg. Later he was one of the curators of the “6th Momentum Biennial” in 2011 and curated the public art and collaborative projects at Copenhagen Art Festival in 2012. Christian also co-directed ”New Life Copenhagen” which was an extensive participatory project in connection with The UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen 2009, initiated by the artist group Wooloo. Lives and works in Lund and Malmö, Sweden.