17-21 July – Chen Che

Chen Che Chen Che

Chen Che
Curator HOW Art Museum, Shanghai

Chen Che (Frank) is curator of the HOW Art Museum in Shanghai and Wenzhou, China.
He graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and finished his master degree in Visual Culture Studies. His main research area is contemporary art and culture interaction, from the perspective of cultural studies on the development and evolution of contemporary art.
He started his curatorial work in HOW Art Museum in 2013, undertaking the preparatory work of HOW Art Museum, Shanghai which will open in 2017 and curating exhibitions in HOW Art Museum, Wenzhou which opened in 2013.
Chen Che curated exhibitions as: 1.62M: Lin Tianmiao Solo Exhibition, Facebook, HOW NOW 2014-Silent Force, Moving Studios, When Disney meets Contemporary Art, etc.
Related academic articles have been published in the art journals, websites and other media.

The purpose of his visit is to get introduced to the contemporary art scene in The Netherlands. Chen Che will also give a public lecture on Private art museums in Shanghai, from the perspective of HOW Art Museum.