29 October-2 November – Kevser Güler

Kevser Güler Kevser Güler

Kevser Güler
Curator and researcher based in Instabul in Turkey.

Kevser Güler has been in the teams of recent exhibitions that include The Future of Ecology, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam, 2018; Colony, the 2nd Contemporary Art Exhibition of Kaos GL Association, Istanbul, 2017; Ways Out from the World, Cappadox, Nevşehir, 2017; Let us Cultivate Our Garden, Cappadox, Nevşehir, 2016; Living/Matter: In and Through, Proto5533, Istanbul, 2016; Cappadocia Struck, Cappadox, Nevşehir, 2015. Kevser was a member of the Istanbul Biennial team between 2007–2014 and has been working for Arter Museum Project, Istanbul since 2014.

Her visit is planned in contact with the embassy of the Netherlands in Ankara, Turkey.