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Shortlist Prix de Rome Architectuur announced

The Mondriaan Fund has announced the names of the architects, landscape architects and urban designer shortlisted by an international jury for the 2014 Prix de Rome Architecture. The nominated architects are:
Steven Delva (1978), landscape architect
Anne Holtrop (1977), architect
Florian Idenburg (1975), architect
Marieke Kums (1979), architect
Kees Lokman (1981), landscape architect
Donna van Milligen Bielke (1983), architect
Jasper Nijveldt (1984), urban designer
Tim Prins (1978), architect
XML : Max Cohen de Lara (1979) en David Mulder (1980), architects

In putting together this shortlist, the jury considered the quality of the work and its potential to grow and make an important contribution to architecture in the Netherlands. The jury looked primarily for architects who stand out on account of their innovative approach, analytical attitude, and the challenging way in which they push boundaries, as well as those who seek to reappraise the architectural profession and succeed in raising it to a higher level. The sense of reality of the designs that were presented also played a role in the jury’s considerations, although the entrants were given scope to dream. At the same time, account was taken of the fact that the current generation of architects are affected by the economic crisis – an aspect reflected in many portfolios.

Due to the diversity of the disciplines and work experience the jury decided to expand the shortlist up to nine candidates. The final choice of the jury will be made based on the outcome of an assignment that will be given to all nine nominees.

Each of the nine nominees receives a budget and is given three months in which to devise and work out an assignment given by the jury. The jury will announce the winner on the basis of the work produced, which will be exhibited in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

The jury selected the nine nominees from a longlist of 57 architects who were proposed by scouts invited by the Mondriaan Fund and by other experts. Architects were also able to propose themselves.

The Prix de Rome is the oldest and largest Dutch prize for architects and visual artists below the age of 40. The purpose of the prize is to identify talented architects and to encourage them to develop and increase their visibility. The prize is being organised and financed by the Mondriaan Fund since 2012. The winner will win €40,000 and a residency in Rome.

The jury comprises: Adriaan Geuze (winner Prix de Rome 1990, landscape architect and partner West 8), William Lim (director CL3 Architects Ltd in Hongkong, architect and visual artist), Ellen van Loon (architect and partner OMA), Saskia van Stein (artistic director and curator Bureau Europa in Maastricht), Cathelijne Nuijsink (critic and writer on architecture and design). Chairman is Birgit Donker (director Mondriaan Fund).