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Two films selected for De Verbeelding

De Verbeelding De Verbeelding

The filmprojects Kala-a-zar by Janis Rafa, produced by SNG Film and Dreamlife by Melvin Moti, produced by KeyFilm are selected for De Verbeelding 2016. The two projects receive each a joint realization fund of 300.000 euro from The Netherlands Film Fund and Mondriaan Fund.

De Verbeelding offers visual artists together with film producers to realize an artistic film with a duration of a feature film. A joint commission selected the two films out of thirteen applications.

Script and director: Janis Rafa
Producer: SNG Film, Digna Sinke
Logline: Kala-a-zar is a hybrid film about a young couple that takes care of dead animals, to give meaning to their life.

Script and director: Melvin Moti
Producer: KeyFilm, Hans de Wolf and Hanneke Niens
Logline: A geologist awakens in a cave from a fast sleep into an infinite dream.

The films will premiere at least at the end of 2018 following circulation in the Dutch cinemas. The contribution is meant for films that research the visual power of the medium from within, explore the borders between the visual arts and the film and have the artistic potential to be selected at international film festivals.

De Verbeelding 2016 is a continuation of three previous editions of which nine films have emerged:

History’s Future by Fiona Tan (producer: Family Affair Films), selected for several award from (inter)national festivals including Rotterdam International Film Festival – Tiger Awards Comptetition.
Werk  by Erik van Lieshout (producer: Popov Film), screened at Rotterdam International Film Festival and the European Media Art Festival 2015.
De Stillen by Ricky Rijneke (producer: Rotterdam Films), screened at several festivals including Moscow, Wroclaw, Sarajevo and Sao Paulo. Awards and nominations included Los Angeles, Berlin, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Rotterdam. In December 2014 screened in Dutch cinemas.
Winterland by Dick Tuinder (producer: Column Film), selection Dutch Film Festival 2009, International Film Festival Rotterdam – Dutch Treat 2010.
Winterstilte by Sonja Wyss (producer: SNG Film), winner Gouden Kalf for best sound design in 2008, screened at Forum Berlinale 2009 and several other festivals.
C’est déja l’été by Martijn Maria Smits (producer: De Productie), Gouden Kalf for best music in 2008, Rotterdam International Film Festival – Tiger Awards Comptetition.

In post-production is Beyond Index by Gerald van der Kaap (producer: Stichting Interakt) and in production are Possessed by Daniel van der Velden, Vinca Kruk and Rob Schröder (producer: Dutch Mountain Film) and Citizens of Nature by Lonnie van Brummelen and Siebren de Haan (producer: Stichting seriousFilm)

The Mondriaan Fund and the Netherlands Film Fund have decided to continue with De Verbeelding in 2018.