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New website, new grants

The website of the Mondriaan Fund is renewed. Seven platforms, each dedicated to one of the new policy topics, offer a an orderly survey of grants and other activities. The topics are: talent development, vitale collectie Nederland (bestaande vertaling), art commissioning, presenting and programming, international presentations, advancing the commercial market and collaborations. These platforms act as display cases for awarded grants, for exemplary presentation plans, news, blogs, mappings, video’s and more. The website prominently visualizes contemporary art and heritage.

Not only do the platforms direct the user to the grant programs and their results, but they also showcase activities such as Prospects & Concepts, the Prix de Rome, the Kunstkoop and the Venice Biennial. The Mondriaan Fund increasingly functions as an ‘agent’, connecting people and institutions. For example we couple emerging artists with more established colleagues for artistic and commercial guidance; we negotiate internships for (heritage)curators in museums outside the Netherlands; we offer a visitor’s program for art professionials from other countries to introduce them to the Dutch art world, and we support and coordinate Beeldende Kunst Nederland, a loose platform uniting professional contemporary art actors in the Netherlands, from artist’s trade unions to the Netherlands Museums Association.

The new site is part of the period 2017-2020, where new grants are made possible in the field of visual arts and cultural heritage. All grants are awarded with a view to promoting the production and presentation of significant Dutch visual art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands and abroad, where a commercial market is (as yet) undeveloped. The title of the policy report for the next four years is ‘Verdieping en versterking van de vrijhaven van verbeelding’. The visual arts and cultural heritage are priceless; representing the past, the present and the future. The Mondriaan Fund will contribute wherever possible.

During the next 4-year policy period the two key words are ‘development’ and ‘connection’. We hope to encourage artists, intermediaries, platforms and commissionaires to embark in new directions or pursue proven relevant routes. Development means embracing experiment and working towards a profounder artistic practice, but also acquisitions by museums and other heritage institutes reinforcing the heritage in the Netherlands as a whole. Connection means inspiring new relationships which are crucial for engaging (future) audiences and social support for visual art and heritage.

Applicants will encounter many familiar elements in the grants offered. The new grant system is based on the previous grants and is an extension of the existing possibilities, but has been simplified and updated. Quality is the leading assessment criterium. Depending on the grant program, other criteria such as context, cultural entrepreneurship, visibility and collaboration will play a role. Presentation plans are a self-evident part of each application.

In general, the budgets for the various grant programs will nog change significantly, except for the following:

  • Artists applying for projects (plans of a defined duration) can address one single grant program instead of the current four: Project Investment grants.
  • If a museum for which a municipal or provincial government is responsible applies with the Support for Museum Collaborations program, matching funding is required by those councils.
  • The grant amounts for various stipendia have been revised: Stipendium Program for Emerging Artists (19.000 euro); Stipendium Program for Established Artists (38.000 euro) and the contribution towards an artist’s investment in time (1.700 euro per month).
  • Applications for a Stipendium program for Established Artists are accepted from artists with at least a 4 year professional practice instead of 6 years.
  • Stipendium for Emerging Artists with Commissioner and Stipendium for Established Artists with Commissioner have been merged with Grant for Commissioning Contemporary Art.

The Mondriaan Fund is a publicly financed fund for visual arts and cultural heritage. The fund has an annual budget of approximately 26 million euro. From 2017 and onwards the fund will go around the country to present the new grants to institutions, artists, mediators, commissioners and others involved. From January and onwards the policy researcher Jan Rothuizen will guide applicants to the most suitable grant for them.

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