Extra budget for 75 years of freedom

The State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sports makes 15 million euros available for the innovation of war museums, for research into the Second World War (WWII), and for the facilitation of digital access to sources and archives of WWII. The Mondriaan Fund will distribute the extra budget on the basis of a grant regulation.

The objective of this investment into the memory of WWII is that over the coming years we will be able to continue to tell its story in an impressive way; in a way that fits the experience of the coming generations and that is connected to the values of democracy, rule of law, and freedom.

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis: ‘Now that it is almost 75 years ago that the allied forces set foot on Dutch territory, we also see that more and more people that have been through the war pass away. Soon we will have only silent witnesses: the photographs, the letters and other objects from that time, telling us about those days. It is important that these silent witnesses are exhibited well, and are easy to find, also digitally. So that everyone – teachers, schoolchildren, researchers and other interested people – today and in the coming years, will be able to gain knowledge from the tangible memories of that era.’

The Mondriaan Fund will distribute the resources that are made available on the basis of a grant regulation. The grants are intended for museums, heritage institutes, grass roots initiatives and research institutes, in order to develop and submit plans. Various open calls will be set up, divided over the following three themes:

(1) Digitalisation: for plans for digitalisation, in which accessibility and findability of the data is important for an appropriate audience, as is compatibility with the Network of War Sources (Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen)

(2) Research: for plans related to socially relevant research that contributes to the reinforcement and deepening of knowledge about WWII.

(3) Innovation and reorganisation: for plans for the innovation of the permanent presentation of museums and heritage institutes with a publicly accessible (partial) WWII collection: such as architectural expansion, reorganisation of a permanent exhibition, and development of innovative forms of presentation. In the case of an architectural expansion or reorganisation, a feasibility study can also be applied for. Only SMH members are eligible for architectural expansions, with the exception of the WWII Memorial Centres.

Grass roots initiatives that realise publicly accessible projects aimed at the remembrance of WWII, can apply for a lump sum contribution for their activities.

Per (sub-)theme, different percentages will be adopted for the applicant’s own contributions.

There are two application rounds with deadlines in early 2020 and the spring of 2020. The applications will be presented to an advisory committee, who will advise the board about the allocation or rejection of applications. The processing period of the Mondriaan Fund is three months. Read more about the open calls here (in Dutch).