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Buy art with the KunstKoop, it’s possible again!

Are you a passionate art lover, who nevertheless thinks that buying art is just for the happy few with a fat bank account? In that case, we have good news for you. From today, the KunstKoop scheme can be used again! If you can miss a few dozen euros each month, you can take home a unique work by an artist or designer, just like that. KunstKoop partner Santander Finance Benelux has developed an online system which makes the KunstKoop fully digital and, thereby, faster and easier than ever.

With KunstKoop, you don’t have to pay for an artwork all at once, but you do make yourself an art collector all at once. Whether it is a photograph, a painting or an object, with KunstKoop you give an upgrade to your interior (not a bad idea at a time when we’re primarily video-calling each other), and, moreover, to yourself. Merel Coebergh (owner of Studio Coebergh, 34) knows all about this: ‘This work by Jacqueline de Jong, that I could never have bought without KunstKoop, stimulates me to go to any lengths in realizing my dreams. And, what my friends already warned me about, buying art is contagious: it just leaves you wanting more.’ A total of 120 galleries all over the Netherlands have joined KunstKoop, so there are enough places to buy art. Check the list of participating galleries here. Of course, you can also do online research at home first, to see what fits with you.

Good to know: in buying art you make yourself a direct part of the art chain: you support galleries and visual artists in the Netherlands, who may consequently carry out all kinds of innovative projects. And in these difficult times, of course, they could really use it. So: now is your moment!

The KunstKoop scheme is a loan, but without interest. The Mondriaan Fund pays the interest for you, because we find it important to enable more people to buy art. You pay for an artwork in monthly instalments, but in the meantime, you already have it at home. Because it is a loan, the KunstKoop comes with a number of conditions. You must be over 18 but under 75 years old, and there is a minimum and maximum amount you can borrow. Read all conditions here, and click here for the useful calculator which enables you to see how much a particular work will cost you per month.

Are you all set to buy art, but do you still have some questions? Check the renewed website of the KunstKoop scheme or contact us at

De KunstKooplening is een niet-doorlopend kredietaanbod van Santander Consumer Finance Benelux B.V. Toetsing en registratie Bureau Krediet Registratie (BKR). De voorwaarden en het standaard informatieblad ontvang je automatisch bij de aanvraag. Galeries treden op als verbonden bemiddelaar van Santander. Het Mondriaan Fonds, de galeries en Santander geven geen advies. Je dient zelf te bepalen of het door jou gewenste financieel product aansluit bij jouw wensen, behoeften en persoonlijke situatie.