Questions about your application, project or event, with regard to the coronavirus?

We too follow the instructions of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding covid-19 here.

Update: 16 August 2021

All extra measures concerning Covid-19 in 2021:

All extra measures concerning Covid-19 in 2020: 

To artists, intermediaries, museums and art institutions: the Mondriaan Fund is providing extra support in times of corona. All extra measures are listed in one overview on our website. These extra measures are as follows:

Update: 27 May 2020
Additional resources for the culture sector elaborated
The Dutch government has made an additional support package of €300 million available for the cultural sector. In a letter to Parliament, Minister Van Engelshoven announced how these additional support measures are to be worked out. The Mondriaan Fund is very pleased that the Minister has made €11.8 million available to the six National Culture Funds for the support of individual makers. Of this amount, an amount of almost €2 million will be allocated to the Mondriaan Fund, through which artists and intermediaries can receive extra support. It is also good news that money will be made available for presentation institutions through the Mondriaan Fund and that €16 million will be made available to regional museums.
Read more about the allocation of the support packages (in Dutch).

Update: 12 May 2020
Over €4 million extra for artists, intermediaries, galleries, small museums and artist initiatives through the Mondriaan Fund
In addition to the existing support measures, the Mondriaan Fund offers additional support to makers and small institutions. The project subsidy scheme for artists and intermediaries will be adapted to provide space for individual makers who have had to change their plans or practices due to the corona crisis. €1.6 million have an been made available for this purpose. There will be an increased budget for artist initiatives, totalling €100,000. Gallery presentations of work by contemporary artists will be supported with €850,000 in the form of contribution to stand rentals at Dutch art fairs with international appeal. In addition, €1.8 million has been reserved for small museums. For this group, the Mondriaan Fund will provide a scheme consistent with the possibilities for regional museums of national interest to the OCW, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. In addition to these extra measures, the Mondriaan Fund has temporarily increased the budget for the Stipendium for Established Artists in order to meet the increased demand at the moment. With these extra measures, the Mondriaan Fund hopes – within our limited possibilities – to offer a helping hand to individual creators and smaller institutions in these difficult times.

As you may understand, this situation requires some adjusting on our part as well. We would therefore like to request that you conduct your communication with contact persons of the Mondriaan Fund via email, as much as possible. You can find them here.

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