Art and heritage make up an inseparable part of who we are. And they are just as diverse as the society that we live in. From fossil to video: we cherish the valuable traces from the past and let ourselves be stirred by the adventure of contemporary art. Dynamic, ingenious and versatile.

The Mondriaan Fund stimulates the work of artists, exhibition makers and critics, museums and other art institutions. Whether it’s about the acquisition of a magic sword from the Bronze Age, the Dutch presentation at the Venice Biennale, or the pioneering with Internet art. We take care of the preservation of treasures and open up the way for top works of the future.

Enriching, abrasive and connecting: the Mondriaan Fund is the public fund for heritage and visual art. We annually contribute 30 million euros to the work of young talents, proven artists and cultural institutions; we stimulate the development of expertise but also assignments to artists. In this way, we strengthen the connection between heritage, art, and society, in the interest of an open democracy.

Of all of us, for all of us.