We review every application as carefully, expertly and impartially as possible. Therefore, we work together with independent advisors. These are experts, such as artists, exhibition makers, critics, art historians, museum employees and others who are able to appreciate the developments of visual art and cultural heritage.
The assessment is subject to guidelines and criteria that objectify the personal views that advisors may have. In addition to quality, the most important criterion, applications are assessed for presentation, development, recognition, and professional and public scope. The assessment is established by mutual agreement between the advisors, who are asked to be generous and to look beyond their own preferences.

The Mondriaan Fund has 24 grant opportunities. Advisors cannot think along with grant opportunities that they have applied to themselves or that they have an indirect interest in. This is set down in a protocol that is signed by all the advisors.
For the formation of committees, which follows an open call, diversity is taken into account. In order to safeguard different visions and perspectives on art and heritage, membership of the committees rotates and all members are only temporarily involved with the Mondriaan Fund. In principle, an advisor is appointed for two years, with a possible extension of up to two years.

Poule of advisors
Youri Appelo
Stephanie Archangel
Katayoun Arian
Thomas Bakker
Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi
Delphine Bedel
Dyonna Benett
Frédérique Bergholtz
Jelle Bouwhuis
Roomyla Choenni
Annet Dekker
Annemarie van Eekeren
Mique Eggermont
Sidi El Karchi
Mila Ernst
Christian Ernsten
Peter van der Es
Bülent Evren
Ellen ter Gast
Stijn van Genuchten
Jacqueline Grandjean
Antonio Jose Guzman Jaramillo
Femke Haijtema
Bas Hendrikx
Niek Hendrix
Mirjam Hoijtink
Jorrit Kelder
Maarten Kentgens
Hester Keijser
Hanneke Kik
Eva Kleemann
Fieke Krikhaar
Anke van der Laan
Lizzy van Leeuwen
Imara Limon
Margit Lukács
Kianoosh Motallebi
Sands Murray-Wassink
Luuk Nouwen
Stephanie Noach
Emiel van der Pol
Ahmet Polat
Inge Pollet
Ilya Rabinovich
Annemiek Rens
Margriet Schavemaker
André van Schie
Maaike Schoorel
Esther Schreuder
Iris Sikking
Guus Sluiter
Judith Spijksma
Dineke Stam
Andrea Stultiens
Fiona Tan
Michael Tedja
Marjan Teeuwen
Anja Tollenaar
Milos Trakilovic
Vincent van Velsen
Caro Verbeek
Robert Jan Verhagen
Maria Verstappen
Barbara Visser
Annette de Vries
Agnes Vugts
Julia Vytopil
Florian Weigl
Marc Wingens
Kees Zandvliet
Ilias Zian
Annet Zondervan
Christiaan Zwanikken

Selection Committee
Norah Karrouche
Clayde Menso
Jean Bernard Koeman
Katja Weitering

To avoid (the impression of) conflicts of interest, a protocol has been formulated that will be signed by advisers. Advisers cannot advise on schemes for which they have themselves submitted an application. In addition, it will be examined whether an adviser has an indirect interest in the applications being processed (for example, as a curator or a member of an institution’s advisory council, or as a relative of the applicant).