The Mondriaan Fund is located at the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. From 1875 until 1966, this building housed the so-called IJkwezen (department of weights and measures): this was where weights used to be calibrated; measures and scales that were formerly used at the greengrocer’s, the butcher’s and the grocery shops, for example. Those scales had to be calibrated on a regular basis, because weights, in the long run, wear out. If the weight was too light, then extra lead was melted onto the underside of the weights. After calibration, a stamp was pressed into the weights. In 1988, the Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (The BKVB Fund) brought the building into use, and as from 2012 this cultural fund merged with the Mondriaan Foundation, resulting in the Mondriaan Fund.
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Walk-in consultation (temporarily cancelled)
During the walk-in consultation you can walk-in without an appointment to get general information about the Mondriaan Fund. If you have a concrete plan and if you want to know whether you can submit an application to the Mondriaan Fund or not, please make an appointment. Send us a description of the plan and your resume by e-mail:
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RAAAF, Breaking Habits, 2017. Photo: Johannes Schwartz.

RAAAF, Breaking Habits, 2017. Photo: Johannes Schwartz

Work and meeting place at the Mondriaan Fund
In the hall of the Mondriaan Fund studio RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances) created a workspace without chairs. This art installation named Breaking Habits is a work and meeting place where you can hang, stand, lean, lie – but you can’t sit. It is an open workspace, which is connected to the Mondriaan Fund’s reception. If you want to work alone or with one or two others in the workspace please make a reservation by telephone 020 523 15 23. Wifi is available. Open during office hours.