Interdisciplinary projects

Need information about the funding possibilities of your interdisciplinary project?
Do you wish to combine visual art, film, heritage, performing arts, literature, design and multimedia in an interdisciplinary project? Do you have plans for an art project with a clear social component? Then you can probably make use of one of the six national culture funds. If you are embarking on an interdisciplinary art project and you are looking for the right fund, you may gather information by getting in touch with the contact person for these projects: Bonnie Dumanaw, who can be reached via or +31 (0)20 523 1600.

Which national culture funds are there?
Companies, institutes, productions, makers and other (potential) applicants can approach one of the Dutch culture funds: Mondriaan Fund, Cultural Participation Fund, Performing Arts Fund NL, The Netherlands Film Fund, Dutch Foundation for Literature, and the Creative Industries Fund NL. With their grants, these cultural funds provide dynamism and innovation to the cultural sector and encourage a production and presentation environment that is sensitive to art. The funds have different ways to support applicants, for example with project subsidies, scholarships and grants. Each fund focuses on a different field of art and culture.

What is meant by interdisciplinarity?
A project is interdisciplinary when it has a clear social component and/or when the project combines several of the following six cultural fields:

● visual art & cultural heritage
● creative industry (architecture, design and digital culture)
● cultural participation & education
● film
● literature
● performing arts (music, musical theatre, dance and theatre)

For example: a film adaptation of a book does not fall within this definition of interdisciplinarity, because the end result is expressed within a single discipline: film. But when a writer is working together with a design collective on an innovative digital idea for literature, that is considered an interdisciplinary project.

A project is also interdisciplinary if, apart from its artistic and cultural aspect, the project has a clear social aspect. For example: an exhibition that takes as its starting point the growing influence of technology on our society. Or a musical theatre project in which refugees and opponents in the refugee issue are on the stage together.

Help with applications
The contact person for interdisciplinary applications will investigate whether there are any application possibilities within the existing schemes of the various funds. She will explore those possibilities and consequently refer the applicant to the appropriate fund or funds. The contact person does not represent a separate regulation for interdisciplinary applications, and the advice given does not offer any guarantees for the allocation of grants. The advice given does not make an application more promising, but is meant as a source of information. Apart from the public culture funds, there are many other Dutch funds and initiatives that provide grants for culture and society. Click here for a selection (in Dutch).

What information should be submitted?
In order to find out whether your project may be eligible for one or more funds, we ask you to answer a number of questions. You can do so through this form (in Dutch). We aim to reply within two weeks, containing information about the grant possibilities within the various funds.