Orientation trip 2014 – Korea and Japan

From the 1th until the 14th of September, the Mondriaan Fund will organize its annual orientation trip. In 2014, the travel destination is Korea and Japan. A group of 18 intermediaries and artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland will visit Seoul and Gwangju in Korea; and Takamatsu, Tokyo, the Setouchi Islands, Yokohama and Maebashi in Japan. The trip is organized in collaboration with the Belgium Institute for visual, audiovisual and media art BAM, the Danish Art Agency and the Swiss Pro Helvetia. During the trip a blog will be maintained.

Asia’s role in the international art world is continuously growing. The participants of the orientation trip will therefore be presented an overview of the most important players – institutes, museums, curators, collectors and artists – in each city. The programme is compiled in collaboration with international experts, local advisors and the Dutch embassy.

The six participants from the Netherlands were selected by the Mondriaan Fund based on their application and motivation. They will be: Ksenia Galyaeva (visual artist), Rumiko Hagiwara (visual artist), Juliette Jongma (director Juliette Jongma Gallery), Rob Knijn (artistic director Heden), Wilma Sütö (curator modern and contemporary art Stedelijk Museum Schiedam) and Winnie Teschmacher (curator the Ketelfactory).

The Mondriaan Fund has been organizing the annual orientation trip since 2004. With these travels the Fund aims to inform professionals about the artistic developments in less known, but interesting regions. For the participants the trips can be the beginning of a dialogue, followed by longlasting relationships.

Previous travel destinations were: Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary (2013); Indonesia and China (2012); Mali, Senegal and Marocco (2011); Nigeria, Turkey and Mali (2010); Brazil, Argentina and Peru (2009); Bangladesh, India and the United Arab Emirates (2008); Mexico, Curaçao (2007); Senegal, South Africa (2006); China (2005); and the Middle East (2004).