Pilot CineCrowd

Since 1 July 2019 The Mondriaan Fund has been collaborating with CineCrowd. Within this pilot, the fund contributes to crowdfunding campaigns of visual artists who are active at the crossroads of film and visual art. Artists who start a campaign at CineCrowd, the crowdfunding platform for film, may be eligible for a contribution by the Mondriaan Fund, consisting of 20 percent of the target amount (up to a maximum of 2,000 euros).

Anne Houwing, director of CineCrowd: ‘I am very happy that we are able to add the Mondriaan Fund to the increasing number of funds that stimulate makers to start crowdfunding. Through this cooperation, the Mondriaan Fund enables us to also support visual artists who don’t fit into a traditional category with their crowdfunding campaigns. I consider the cooperation with this government fund as an important recognition for the importance of crowdfunding and the work of Cinecrowd.’

Criteria and procedure
In order to be eligible for the grant, visual artists must start a crowdfunding campaign at CineCrowd. CineCrowd then recommends projects to the Mondriaan Fund. After nomination by CineCrowd, an advisor of the Mondriaan Fund will assess whether the projects fit into the purpose and criteria of the grant. The contribution of the Mondriaan Fund is conditional. Only if the maker or institute succeeds in crowdfunding the remaining amount, the contribution will effectively be allocated.

CineCrowd started in 2011, with the short film Morgen is alles beter (Tomorrow all will be better) by filmmaker Floris Parlevliet. The crowdfunding proved a great success, it inspired other filmmakers to start crowdfunding as well, and CineCrowd was set up. Over the following years the platform developed into a movement aimed at the realisation of films, based on the idea to involve the crowd – the people that the films are ultimately intended for – in facilitating the making of films. Since 2011, CineCrowd has facilitated over 650 successful crowdfunding campaigns, and over 60,000 film lovers have together donated almost 5 million euros to film projects through CineCrowd.

More information:
Philip Montnor (project officer Mondriaan Fonds) p.montnor@mondriaanfonds.nl
Anne Houwing (director CineCrowd) anne@cinecrowd.com