Prospects & Concepts 2017

Kyle Tryhorn, Morningstar Mill (filmstill), 2016 Kyle Tryhorn, Morningstar Mill (filmstill), 2016

Prospects & Concepts – Mondriaan Fund shows talent
Location: Van Nellefabriek, Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam
8 until 12 February 2017

In February 2017, the Mondriaan Fund organizes the fifth edition of the annual exhibition Prospects & Concepts during the international art fair Art Rotterdam at the Van Nelle Fabriek. The exhibition presents work by 65 visual artists who received a Stipendium for Emerging Artists in 2015 in order to start their careers.

For this edition, the Mondriaan Fund invited Stijn Huijts to curate the exhibition. Huijts is the artistic director of the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. In consultation with the artists he selected work from all participants, varying from painting to photography, from objects to installations and from video to performances. A varied publics program is also part of the exhibition.

One of the many exhibited works is the video Morningstart Mill (2016) by Kyle Tryhorn (see picture). “Here we can see several different colored balls dancing at the point where the rives becomes a waterfall. The balls hang onto barely visible wires, which prevents the balls from plunging into the depths of the river. I immediately thought it was a beautiful metaphor for the beginning artist and thus  a striking image to inaugurate Prospects & Concepts.” (Stijn Huijts, October 2016)

Participating artists
Marijn Bax / Marieke Berghuis / Lola Bezemer / Rob Bouwman / Margriet van Breevoort / Olivier van Breugel & Simone Mudde / Michiel Burger / Brian Coutinho / Britt Dorenbosch/ Mandy den Elzen / Ingeborg Entrop / Kim van Erven / Helen Anna Flanagan / Robert Glas / Katinka van Gorkum / Timo van Grinsven / Yoeri Guépin / Niek Hendrix / Ursula Jernberg / Alle Jong / Otto Kaan / Damian Kapojos / Iztok Klancar / Anne Kolbe / Theodora Kotsi / Jasmijn Krol / Mila Lanfermeijer / Tom Lore de Jong / Chaim van Luit / Milo van der Maaden / Dorine van Meel / Anne-Marie van Meel / Quenton Miller / Abel Minnée / Pendar Nabipour / Bernice Nauta / Bart Nijboer / Marijn Ottenhof / Joyce Overheul / Temra Pavlovic / Eric Peter / Willeke van Ravenhorst / Johan Rijpma / Daphne Rosenthal / Jan Rosseel / Bert Scholten / Philip Schütte / Rosa Sijben / Luuk Smits / Margré Steensma / Laurens Stok / Mitchell Thar / Kyle Tryhorn / Romi Tweebeeke / Sanne Vaassen / Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch / Guy Vording / Jan Wattjes / Sebastiaan van Weelden / Harm Weistra / Lucian Wester / Riet Wijnen / Timmy van Zoelen

The Mondriaan Fund organizes the exhibition Prospects & Concepts every year in order to boost the visibility of emerging artists. With Art Rotterdam just around the corner, art professionals and collectors, but also a broad number of interested individuals have the opportunity to become acquainted with the work of these promising artists. Moreover, the exhibition is a perfect opportunity to present the work produced thanks, in part, to a contribution from the Mondriaan Fund.

Dutch visual artists can apply for the Mondriaan Fund Talent Development Grant for Emerging Artists up to four years after graduating from an art academy or a comparable educational institute. The funding can be spent on all aspects associated with the realisation of new work, such as research, materials, and projects both in the Netherlands and abroad.

In accordance with previous years, the exhibition design of Prospects & Concepts 2017 is done by Tom Postma Design and the graphic design by Team Thursday.

Publication and side program
At the exhibition a publication will be presented. With the exhibition the Mondriaan Fund organises an accompanying program. This will include guided tours, artist talks by visual artists and more.