Myrte van der Molen, SOSocial, kus kussens, 2020, video-installatie (Prospects – Mondriaan Fonds toont talent 2021)

Prospects – Mondriaan Fund shows Talent
1-4 July | Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam

During Art Rotterdam 2021, the Mondriaan Fund was presenting starting artists for the ninth consecutive year on and around the Van Nelle Factory with Prospects – Mondriaan Fund Shows Talent. From 1 to 4 July, the exhibition showed the work of 74 artists. All were recipients of Mondriaan Fund grants in 2019 in order to help start their careers. As in 2020, Johan Gustavsson is curator.

The Mondriaan Fund organizes the annual Prospects exhibition to give an extra impulse to the visibility of starting artists. Having them all together at Art Rotterdam gives art professionals and collectors, as well as a broad group of interested visitors, the opportunity to become acquainted with the work of these promising artists.

The exhibition is also an excellent opportunity to show what can be and is being achieved thanks to grants from the Mondriaan Fund. Artist Start grants are for artists who have been working professionally for between one to four years. The grants can be used for anything related to the development of the work and the artistic practice, such as research, materials, equipment and projects in the Netherlands or abroad.

Curator Johan Gustavsson is co-director of 1646, in The Hague, board member of The Naked and Page Not Found and lecturer at the KABK Royal Academy of Art. His experiences with the previous edition will be useful in putting together a strong exhibition that must be realised with due regard for the COVID-19 restrictions. Gustavsson will be supported by Tom Postma Design.

Find here: Programme Performances Prospects – Mondriaan Fund shows Talent

Participating artists
Sam Andrea / Isabelle Andriessen / Rowan van As / Jorge Luis Barragán Castaño / Linde Bast / Eelke Renschke Bekkenutte / Eline Benjaminsen / Angeniet Berkers / Suzanne Bernhardt / Stephan Blumenschein / Lisa van Casand / Iliada Charalambous / Timo Demollin / Joakim Derlow / Rosa Doornenbal / Caz Egelie / Ricardo van Eijk / Afra Eisma / Valentina Gal / Lin Gerritse / Vera Gulikers / Willem de Haan / Frieder Haller / Klaas Hendrik Hantschel / Xaviera Hardjopawiro / R. B. van Heesch / Eva Hoonhout / Bas van den Hout / Thijs Jaeger / Katarina Jazbec / Johan Jensen Kjeldsen / Eline Kersten / Tahné Kleijn / Leonard Kuipers / Vytautas Kumža / Lieven Lahaye / Lily Lanfermeijer / Nokukhanya Langa / Zhixin Liao / Liv Liberg / Lilia Luganskaia / Bart Lunenburg / Ewan Macbeth / Kitty Maria / Vera Meulendijks / Myrte van der Molen / Aaro Murphy / Kevin Osepa / Wouter Paijmans / Liza Prins (in collaboration with Layla Durrani) / Josse Pyl / Dorota Radzimirska and Yulia Ratman (DAY Collective) / Lars Reen / Chantal van Rijt / Valentino Russo / Franziska Schulz / Lucas Sloot / Sophie Steengracht / Joscha Steffens / Olle Stjerne / Mireille Tap / Gilleam Trapenberg / Reinier Vrancken / Max de Waard / Wim Warrink / Michiel Westbeek / Johnny Theodorus Wiekhart / Domas van Wijk / Abel Wolff / Lavinia Xausa / Romy Yedidia / Peng Zhang / Anouk van Zwieten

An overview of the participating artists can be found here (in Dutch).