Crowdfunding in the cultural sector has increased over the last years. More and more artists and institutes see the possibilities that crowdfunding offers; as an additional form of funding, but also as a means to finding a new audience and support for projects. In the Netherlands, crowdfunding is now mainly used by performing artists (music, theatre, dance), even though it is appropriate for other disciplines as well. In order to promote crowdfunding in visual art and cultural heritage, the Mondriaan Fund has been the first public culture fund to cooperate with voordekunst since 2013.

Voordekunst is the first and largest crowdfunding platform for art projects in the Netherlands. Voordekunst was established by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), and has operated as an independent foundation from 2011. Voordekunst gives advice, guides crowdfunding campaigns and, in doing so, helps artists and institutes reach their goals. Through their platform, donors can easily and directly contribute to the project of their choice. With small and large donations by individuals and companies, over 2,000 projects have already been successfully funded through voordekunst.

Cooperation with the Mondriaan Fund
In 2019 the Mondriaan Fund, in cooperation with voordekunst, offers a new grant for selected projects by individual artists who start a crowdfunding campaign at voordekunst. The Mondriaan Fund contributes 20 percent of the required target amount with a maximum of up to 2,000 euros per project. This grant is conditional: only if the maker succeeds in collecting the remaining sum from the public will the contribution actually take place. With this grant, the Mondriaan Fund aims to support the entrepreneurial effort of makers to reach a new audience, and to inspire confidence with potential donors to contribute to visual art projects.

Click here for a selection of projects that were awarded with the new grant (in Dutch).

How does it work?
The most important aim of the grant is to promote the entrepreneurship of makers, and to create more confidence with donors to contribute to crowdfunding campaigns. So the grant is intended as an addition to the funding that you bring in through donors; if the target amount is not reached, you cannot receive the grant from the Mondriaan Fund.
Voordekunst proposes the eligible projects to the Mondriaan Fund, and an advisory committee then delivers an opinion as to whether the campaign should be awarded.

Apart from the Mondriaan Fund, the other partners of voordekunst are the following: the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK, founding partner), Brabants Kenniscentrum Kunst en Cultuur (bkkc), DOEN Foundation, Fonds 1818, Kunstraad Groningen, the province of Overijssel, the province of Utrecht (Utrecht voor Cultuur), the province of North-Holland,, Deloitte, VSB Foundation, Keunstwurk Fryslân, the province of Gelderland, ABN-AMRO, and the province of Limburg.

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