The Mondriaan Fund focuses on individual artists and institutions in the visual arts and heritage sector. Since 2013, the Mondriaan Fund has been subjected to substantial cutbacks in its disposable budget. This has made it more urgent than ever to refer applicants to other types of (co-) financing. One of these alternative financing methods involves crowdfunding. Over the past few years, crowdfunding has become very popular in the culture sector. More and more artists and institutions are becoming aware of the opportunities being offered by this type of public financing. In the Netherlands, crowdfunding is mainly being used by performing artists (music, theatre, dance) to finance their projects, although it is equally suitable for many other disciplines. In 2013, the Mondriaan Fund became the first public cultural fund to work together with voordekunst to stimulate crowdfunding in the visual arts and cultural heritage sector. Also because it leads to a broader support base.

voordekunst is expert in advising and guiding artists and institutions in all matters related to crowdfunding. The organisation’s extensive experience in this area is greatly valued by the users.
Since mid-2014, voordekunst also has a consultancy procedure for institutions and organisations. These procedures generally lead to more successful crowdfunding campaigns. As a result, voordekunst stands out from other crowdfunding providers.

After one specific pilot project for individual artists and another for heritage institutions, in 2017 voordekunst and Mondriaan Fund will start allocating contributions to individual artists, as well as to heritage and visual art institutions. The Mondriaan Fund will contribute 20 percent of the requisite target amount (up to a maximum of 2,000 euros) to selected projects. This contribution will be conditional: it will only actually be paid when the artist succeeds in raising the remaining amount through crowdfunding. The main objectives of this contribution are to foster entrepreneurship among artists and institutions and to inspire confidence in potential donors to make a contribution. This will increase the support base for art and culture even more. is the first and largest crowdfunding platform for art projects in the Netherlands. The website was set up with funding from the Amsterdam Fund for Art (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst – AFK) and has been operating as an independent foundation since 1 July 2011. Besides founding partner AFK, the other partners in voordekunst are: Brabant Knowledge Centre for Art and Culture (Brabants Kenniscentrum Kunst en Cultuur – bkkc), Doen Foundation (Stichting DOEN), Fonds 1818, Groningen Arts Council (Kunstraad Groningen), the Province of Overijssel, the Province of Utrecht (Utrecht for Culture), the Province of North Holland,, Deloitte, VSB Fonds, Keunstwurk Fryslân, the Province of Gelderland, ABN-AMRO and the Province of Limburg.

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