Art Platform Basic

Art Platform Basic grants are intended for small professional visual art organizations that have had an annual programme of presentations and activities for contemporary visual art for no less than two years. These are grants of 110,000 euros per year to be used towards activities for a period of two calendar years.

For Art Platform Basic, in addition to the general conditions, the following criteria must also apply:

  • Applicants are able to maintain a policy in compliance with Fair Practice Code, the Governance Code Cultuur (only available in Dutch) and the Code Diversiteit & Inclusie (only available in Dutch).
  • Institutes for professional education in the arts and organizations that are directly financed by the government (through the Basisinfrastructuur plan, the other public national culture funds or sector and umbrella organizations) may not apply.
  • If an applicant is included in the Basisinfrastructuur of the upcoming 2021-2024 national policy plan, the approved amount of support is cancelled for that period.

A minimum of thirty percent (30%) of the budget must be covered by financial support from third parties and/or by the organization’s own earnings for the structural costs of the organization.

  • Assessment

    Applications that satisfy the requirements are presented to an advisory committee. The committee judges the application on the basis of:

    • A description of the institute, the people involved and the activities that have been developed in the past two years, with an emphasis on innovative development at the artistic and organizational levels.
    • A programme plan with the following segments:
      • a programme with a convincing artistic and substance foundation,
      • a presentation plan in which it is explained how the target audience will be reached, as well as a strategy for audience reach that extends beyond the professional public
      • a reflection on the Fair Practice Code, Governance Code for the Cultural Sector and the Code for Diversity & Inclusion.
      • An explanation of the local embedding of the organization, for example through collaboration with and support from local authorities.
    • The budget, including finances to cover expenses.

    In judging the application, the advisory committee considers five criteria and their mutual interdependence:

    • Artistic vision: the advisory committee assesses the cohesion and interdependence between artistic and intrinsic (content) principles of the art platform and the way in which these are expressed in the activities of the recent past. The role, position and working method of the organization, and the manner in which these relate to the current context and/or other disciplines are all assessed.
    • The artistic and intrinsic quality of the activities described in the plan: the advisory committee assesses whether or not the planned programme distinguishes itself, or is outstanding for some other reason. Here, the possibilities that the plan offers for the development of the art platform are taken into consideration.
    • Innovative qualities: the advisory committee assesses how the programme relates to current developments in society. Does it contribute to artistic development and innovation?
    • Audience reach: the advisory committee assesses the way in which the art platform presents itself and tries to find not only a professional audience, but also a broader audience for its activities, and is able to bind that audience to them.
    • Local and regional embedding: the advisory committee assesses what the programme contributes to currently available cultural infrastructure and what is relevant for the audience to which it will be relating.

    Final Assessment
    An Art Platform Basic grant can only be allocated if the advisory committee reaches a positive decision. For budgetary reasons, the Mondriaan Fund’s board may request the advisory committee to weigh the applications against each other and rank the positive recommendations in order of priority.Here, the pluriformity of the entire group of art platforms to be awarded contributions is also taken into consideration.

  • Contribution

    Art Platform Basic grants consist of an amount of 110,000 euros per year for two calendar years. At least thirty percent (30%) of the budget must be covered by financial contributions from third parties, such as other government authorities, private funding and/or income generated by the organization for the structural costs of the organization.

    For the 2020 selections, a maximum of 10 programs can be supported. In cases where the grant allocation maximum is exceeded, the application can be rejected on budgetary grounds.

  • Apply

    Organizations can submit an application using the online application system of the Mondriaan Fund. First, you need to make an account to be able to apply. In this system, you can fill in an application form and submit it together with the information requested in the checklist below.

    Click here for frequently asked questions (FAQ) about online applications.

    Applications are judged in a single round each year. This year’s deadline for applications was 6 July 2020. Applications must be received by 5:00 PM on the date of the deadline.

    Applicants will be notified whether or not their application has been approved no later than three months after this deadline date.

    Click here if you wish to learn how your application will be processed.

  • Contact

    For more information, please contact Sanne Jansen, Rob Knijn  or call the general phone number:  +31 (0)20 523 15 23.

  • Checklist

    We have comprised a checklist of the information required to support your application. The order of the checklist follows that of the application form. The documents should be uploaded as PDF files. Please ensure that you do not exceed the maximum number of pages per segment. Pages that are in addition to the maximum allowed per segment will not be taken into consideration.

    Proof of KvK registration
    An extract of your registration with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK), no more than a year old.

    Bank statement
    If you have not previously submitted an application to the Mondriaan Fund, or if your bank account number has changed since your last application, you need to upload a recent bank statement.

    Annual account statement
    You need to upload an annual account covering the preceding year, approved and signed by the management. The annual account shows the financial situation of the organization.

    Art platform profile
    Give a concise description of your organization, the people involved and the activities that have been achieved in the preceding two years, with an emphasis on innovative developments in both the artistic and the organizational realms. The profile must be no more than three A4 pages.

    Programming plan
    In the proscribed area, give a short summary of your programme, with a relevant selection of the artists and activities involved. The statement should contain no more than 1375 characters.

    The following segments must accompany the programming plan:

    • a programme with a convincing artistic and intrinsic foundation;
    • the concerned artists, mediators and collaboration partners;
    • a presentation plan which explains how the envisioned audience will be reached and a strategy for expanding public reach beyond the professional audience;
    • the expected numbers of participants and visitors;
    • an explanation of the local embedding of your organization;
    • optional: relevant visual documentation material.

    The total must be no more than 25 A4 pages, including illustrations where provided.

    Meeting good practice codes
    For an Art Platform Basic grant, your organization must provide a reflection on how it meets the Fair Practice Code, the Governance Code Cultuur (governance code for culture) and the Code Diversiteit & Inclusie (Code for diversity and inclusion) and, if applicable, why your organization deviates from these. This must be no more than two A4 pages.

    Meeting Fair Practice Code standards automatically means that your initiative follows the guidelines for honoraria for artists.

    Budget and financing scheme
    An Art Platform Basic grant entails an amount of 110,000 euros per year for the period of 2021 and 2022. You need to upload an overall budget, including a financial scheme that covers expenses. The budget gives an overview of income and expenses per calendar year. At least thirty percent (30%) of the budget must be covered by financial contributions from third parties or by the organization’s own earnings for the structural costs of the organization.

    Letters of confirmation
    All letters in which third parties confirm their financial contributions to the programming are to be collected in a single PDF file.

    Note: The attachments included with the uploaded application form are automatically arranged in a predetermined order and assembled in a single document. It is this document that goes to the advisory committee. In order to ensure the correct structure in this document, it is important that you place the requested attachments in the appropriate place and that nothing is uploaded more than once.

latest update: 02.06.2020