Residencies abroad

The aim of a work period at a residency abroad is to promote the deepening of the (artistic) development and practice of visual artists and intermediaries abroad or in a different environment. This also allows applicants to explore, build and expand new (international) contacts, networks and markets. Most foreign residencies are part of international initiatives and programmes for artists from across the world.

Applications for a stay in one of the permanent residencies abroad will be assessed during annual rounds set up by the Mondriaan Fund. The deadlines are postponed for the time being. As soon as these grants can be offered again, we will announce it on the website. Click here for the explanations (in Dutch). Read more about the Temporary Residencies Abroad here.

A contribution for a stay in one of the foreign residencies can be applied for through the online application system of the Mondriaan Fund, starting from two months before the deadline. Here you can fill out an online application form and submit it together with the attachments requested in the checklist. Per round, a maximum of two residencies can be applied for; the applicant must indicate which residency is preferred. Click here for the FAQ about online applications (in Dutch).

latest update: 17.02.2020