Temporary Dutch residencies

For the Temporary Dutch Residencies a new selection is made each year. This selection takes into account the artistic possibilities that the residency offers, the interest of artists in particular locations or facilities, and the connection that is made to visual art and heritage institutes to make the results of the work period visible to a broad audience.

In the period of 2020-2021, the Mondriaan Fund offers work periods of two to six months, at five Dutch guest residencies. Most residencies are offered by the Mondriaan Fund for the first time, except for the residencies of Beeldenstorm/Daglicht and GlasLab, due to the great interest shown last year. The deadline for applications for work periods in 2020-2021 was Wednesday 17 July 2019. In 2020, we will announce the deadline for work periods in 2021-2022.

Read more (in Dutch) about the five residencies offered in 2020-2021:

  1. Beeldenstorm/Daglicht en GlasLab, Eindhoven/Den Bosch (for visual artists)
  2. Billytown, Den Haag (for emerging visual artists)
  3. AGA LAB i.s.m. STEIM, Amsterdam (for visual artists)
  4. Residency Oosterhouw, Groningen (for visual artists and intermediaries)
  5. Re-creatie, Reinaerde, Woudenberg (for visual artists and designers) (in cooperation with Creative Industries Fund NL)

Guest residencies that were offered in the past are: SRV- VHDG (Leeuwarden) / De Geheime Bunker (Arnhem) / airWG (Amsterdam) / Air W139 (Amsterdam) / SCHUNCK* (Heerlen) /AVL Mundo (Rotterdam) /Satellietgroep in cooperation with DCR Gueststudios op de Zandmotor Den Haag / Guesthouse Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam / Beeldenstorm in cooperation with Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven / Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam / PAIR Landscape Labs in cooperation with SIGN, Groningen / DordtYart (Dordrecht) / 1646 (The Hague) / Werkplaats Diepenheim / Luceberthuis (Bergen) / Stichting IK (Oost-Souburg) / Het Vijfde Seizoen (Den Dolder) / MIETair (Beers) / Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (Amsterdam) / Gastatelier Louwrien Wijers (Ferwerd) / Kaus Australis (Rotterdam) / Atelier aan de Middendijk (Usquert) / AIR Dalen (Dalen) / B32 Onderzoeksatelier (Maastricht) / M4 Gastatelier (Amsterdam) / Gastatelier Deelderwoud (Hoenderloo) / Het Koetshuis Museum Van Loon (Amsterdam) / KIK (Kolderveen) en Project Probe (Arnhem).

latest update: 02.10.2019