Drawing Centre Diepenheim

deadline: 01.11.2021

For who: visual artists with an interest in drawing
What: 2 working periods, each lasting 3 months
When: April 1st – June 30th and September 1st – November 30th 2022

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is an internationally oriented art venue, with a focus on drawing in a broad, contemporary perspective. Drawing Centre Diepenheim believes that drawing is a welcome connecting and creative force that strengthens the dialogue between art and the world, between artist and audience. The Drawing Centre organises exhibitions, artist residencies, masterclasses, publications, and offers a public and education programme.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim’s programme focuses on presenting, stimulating and researching current developments in drawing. Attention is paid to experimentation and research, for example to practices in which one experiments with exploring the boundaries of the medium and in which new forms of presentation and new ways of imagining are sought from the various aspects of drawing.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is collaborating with Werkplaats Diepenheim for the residency. Over 850 square meters of living space, studios, workshops, including a lithography workshop and a common room are available.

The result of both working periods will be integrated into the current programme of activities in consultation with Drawing Centre Diepenheim. A suitable presentation form or activity is sought in consultation with the individual participants.

For further information please see: drawingcentre.nl and werkplaatsdiepenheim.nl

  • For whom

    The residency is intended for an artist who wants to delve into drawing and/or experiment with it. There is a preference for an artist who, during the residency, literally or thematically enters into a relationship with the natural/landscape environment and/or with the community of Diepenheim.

  • Working periods

    There are 2 working periods, each lasting 3 months:

    April 1st – June 30th 2022
    September 1st – November 30th 2022

    The preference for the period of stay must be indicated in the application form. Every effort will be made to assign the preferred period as much as possible. This working period is subject to change and depends on how the coronavirus develops.

  • Applications

    The deadline for submitting an application for a working period is November 1, 2021, before 5:00 PM.

    Before submitting an application, read the explanation Residency for the terms and conditions, assessment and application procedure. On that page you will also get to the application form. Also read the general terms that apply to contributions from the Mondriaan Fund.

    A longlist is drawn up on the basis of the committee’s recommendations. The selected applicants will be invited for an interview with Nanette Kraaikamp, ​​artistic director of Drawing Centre Diepenheim. The final selection is determined on the basis of the interview. If it appears that no suitable candidate can be selected from the applications, the advisory committee can nominate candidates itself.

  • How Much

    The Mondriaan Fund provides a grant of €2,000 per month for travel, material and accommodation costs. This amount is intended for 1 person. In addition, a personal contribution of at least 10%, or €200 per month, is expected from the chosen resident. The applicant must indicate how the personal contribution is financed. This can be your own investment, but also a contribution from third parties, an interest-free loan from the Kwadraat Fund or a contribution through crowdfunding.

    If a duo or partnership is selected for a guest studio, the amount for the guest studio will be increased by an amount for additional travel costs and a proportional amount for the accommodation costs for the other applicant. The rent of the studio/accomodation, supervision and presentation are not included in the subsidy amount and are paid for by the Mondriaan Fund.

latest update: 12.10.2021