Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms

For whom and for what?

The Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms is intended for platforms such as presentation institutions and magazines with programmes of one to maximum three years that contribute to the development of the discussion on contemporary visual art. The grant is intended for a series of factually related activities focused on presentation, experiment, opinion and debate, such as exhibitions, debates and lectures.

The aim of the grant is to encourage platforms to show contemporary art to the public in an inspiring way by contributing to programmes that express relevant developments in the field of contemporary art in an appealing manner.

The grant amount is intended to cover a programme for a one- to three-year period. To obtain funding for a shorter-term project, please apply for a Project Grant for Institutes instead.
Presentation institutions can also apply for a Grant for Commissioning Contemporary Art for a long-term collaboration with an artist, on the condition that this commission is not part of the programme for which a Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms is awarded.
The amount of the Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms varies per application. Up to 40 percent of the programme costs will be reimbursed (including wages and expenses for housing and personnel).

  • Conditions

    In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms is subject to the following conditions:

    • Grant applications may be submitted by publicly accessible art platforms such as presentation institutions and magazines which are located in the Netherlands and focus on exhibiting contemporary visual art.
    • Art schools and organisations which are directly funded by the government (with resources granted under the terms of the Culture Memo or HGIS Culture Memo, or through organisations supporting art platforms and umbrella organisations) are ineligible for a grant.
    • If an applicant will be included in the BIS for the period 2021-2024, the awarded grant for that period will be withdrawn.
    • The project costs must exceed €25,000.
    • If artists are involved in the project, the artists in question must be paid a realistic wage, which must conform with the Wage Guideline. In order to encourage compliance with the Artists’ Wage Guideline, the Mondriaan Fund has drawn up regulations governing the partial reimbursement of costs incurred by institutions which comply with the Guideline.

    The Mondriaan Fund assumes the platform follows the Cultural Diversity Code and the Cultural Goverance Code.

  • Assessment

    All applications that comply with the formal conditions and that have been submitted with the requested annexes will be presented to an advisory committee. Click here if you wish to learn how your application will be processed. The advisory committee will assess the proposal’s significance to the development and modernisation of contemporary visual art and to the way in which this is perceived. It will do so on the basis of:

    • A programme plan explaining why the grant is needed and outlining the art platform’s profile;
    • A presentation plan, including a communication plan in which more information is provided on how the museum seeks to attract and retain the right audience in an inspiring manner;
    • A budget featuring a financial plan;
    • Pledges by the parties with which the museum intends to collaborate, where applicable;
    • An explanation of how the platform intends to observe the Wage Guideline.

    The advisory committee will assess applications for the following three interrelated criteria:

    • Are the quality and profile of the art platform, institution, organiser or stage, and the reputation of the intermediaries and/or artists involved and their cultural entrepreneurship significant to contemporary Dutch visual arts?
    • Does the programme plan set a convincing example, does it set the art platform apart from other art platforms, or is it otherwise special?
    • Will it help the art platform reach the right audience in an inspiring manner, and then retain it for the project, thus causing the relationship between visual arts and the public at large to be strengthened?

    Final assessment
    Applicants are only eligible for a Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms if the advisory committee issues a positive recommendation regarding the above interrelated criteria.
    Such a positive recommendation may come with a recommendation on the sum to be awarded as a grant.
    For budgetary reasons, the Mondriaan Fund’s board may request the advisory committee to weigh the applications against each other and rank the positive recommendations in order of priority. Regional spreading may be considered in the decision-making process. If this is the case, the projects will be weighed against projects developed by institutions which have already been awarded a grant by the Mondriaan Fund.

  • Apply

    Applications for a Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms can be submitted through the Mondriaan Fund’s online application system, for which you need an account. With your account you can access the application form, where you can fill in the questions and upload the information requested in the checklist below. Click here for the FAQ about online applications.

    Applications for a Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms can be submitted once a year. The deadline of the application round in 2019 was July 29.

    Applicants must allow for a total processing period of a maximum of three months from the deadline of the application round.

  • Contact

    For assistance or questions, please contact Douke IJsselstein [+31 (0)20 523 16 60],  Rob Knijn [+31 (0)20 523 15 09] , Sanne Jansen [+31 (0)20 523 15 21] or call the general phone number:  +31 (0)20 523 15 23.

  • Checklist

    Currently the checklist is only available in Dutch.

latest update: 26.04.2019