Grant International Presentations

As a result of the corona crisis and its effect on the continuity of exhibitions, presentation costs (travel, accommodation and transport costs) and site-specific production costs, if awarded, will only be transferred after signed confirmation by the applicant stating that the presentation will definitively take place. This confirmation should be submitted no earlier than 4 weeks before the start of the presentation. A further condition is that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to clear international travel to the country in question. The awarded presentation costs will be reserved for a maximum of 12 months. The contribution to the presentation costs will be transferred no earlier than 4 and no later than 2 weeks before the opening date of the presentation. This measure does not affect the payment of awarded production costs.

This explanation is meant for platforms outside the Netherlands intending to apply for a Grant International Presentations. Artists from the Netherlands are referred to the commentary in Dutch.

For whom and for what?

Internationally acknowledged contemporary art platforms outside the Netherlands can submit proposals for the presentation of work by living artists from the Netherlands. If applicable, in combination with support in the production of new work commissioned by the art platform. Proposals can also be submitted by the artists themselves, for a presentation at one of these platforms outside the Netherlands. The support is intended for costs associated with the presentation and/or production of work by artists from the Netherlands. If the presentation with artists from the Netherlands is moreover curated by a (guest) curator from the Netherlands, international platforms can additionally apply for the curator’s presence at the opening.

The aim is to promote the international recognition and appreciation of relevant contemporary art from the Netherlands. The support is also intended to reinforce the international position of artists from the Netherlands. Projects involving the production of newly commissioned work have preference.

  • Costs eligible for support

    • Travel costs (return) for the artist(s) and/or (guest) curator for the installation of the project and to attend the opening of the presentation.
    • Accommodation costs and per diem up to a maximum of € 150 per person per day, for a maximum of four days, for the artist(s) and (guest) curator from the Netherlands.
    • Transport costs of the work to be exhibited and insurance during transport.
    • Production costs of new (site specific) work commissioned by the platform (maximum 50 percent of the total production costs). A reasonable fee for the artist or (guest) curator is mandatory and must be included in the budget estimate. The fee is considered part of the production costs, but must be paid by the commissioning party.
      In addition to the material costs, production costs can also include one extra return trip (50 percent), accommodation and per diem during the production phase, up to a maximum of € 75 per person per day.
    • Applications for an International Presentations Grant can include support for a publication to accompany the presentation. This could be a monograph published at a relevant moment in the development of the artist’s oeuvre and international career, or a publication on a high-profile presentation outside the Netherlands that showcases Dutch contemporary art. The significance of the publication must surpass the transience of the presentation and ensure sustained international visibility for the artist or for contemporary art from the Netherlands in general (maximum 25 percent of the costs).
    • Costs for increasing the international visibility of the work. For instance, translation costs for the subtitles of a film can be supported up to a maximum of 50 percent.
    • The support is not intended for other costs, such as the production costs of the exhibition itself, insurance for the exhibition/event, pr and marketing costs or the production of a regular exhibition catalogue.
    • Regular operating costs are not eligible for support.

    The amount of the International Presentations Grant is determined per application on the basis of the proposal and the budget.

  • Conditions

    In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the following specific terms apply for the International Presentations Grant program:


    • The primary objective of the  platform outside the Netherlands must be to present contemporary art. Platforms focusing predominantly on the sale of work are not supported within this program. (Commercial galleries are not eligible for an International Presentations Grant. Commercial galleries exhibiting Dutch artists at international art fairs can click here for information on the Participation International Art Fairs program.)
    • If the proposal involves the production of new work, the estimate must include a reasonable fee for the artist(s), with a description of how the amount of the fee was determined. The fee is paid by the art platform.


    • International Presentations Grants are issued for presenting living artists integrated in the professional contemporary art practice of the Netherlands.
    • The artist whose work is being showcased must have been professionally active as a visual artist for at least four years or have completed an education in the visual arts of at least three years’ duration.
    • Platforms outside the Netherlands can however within this program alone apply for an International Presentations Grant for presenting the work of master’s students or artists attending post-graduate institutions in the Netherlands.

    (Guest) curator:
    The (guest) curator from the Netherlands must have been professionally active as curator in the field of contemporary visual art for at least two years. This must be evident in the CV.

  • Assessment

    All proposals meeting  the formal requirements and including all the requisite information are submitted to an advisory committee, who determine whether the project will be awarded an International Presentations Grant. The advisory committee assess the significance of the proposed presentation for contemporary art in the Netherlands, on the basis of the following:

    • information on the presenting platform: recent programming, media attention, professional profile of curator, audience counts, international contacts and collaborations;
    • project proposal with arguments for the proposed presentation;
    • presentation plan, including a communication plan and a description of how the presentation will be announced to attract and bind a relevant audience and how you intend to emphasize the ties of the artists or guest curator with the Netherlands;
    • the international visibility the presentation will offer for contemporary art from the Netherlands.
    • visual material on recent work by the artist.
    • CV’s of the artists from the Netherlands and a professional profile of the curator of the exhibition
    • explanatory notes on the work and artistic practice of the artists and if applicable, curator from the Netherlands;
    • budget estimate with quotations/offers, financing plan and a letter of consent for the project from the platform and/or participating parties.

    The advisory committee assess the proposal using the following criteria interdependently:

    • The significance and international reputation of the presenting organization in the field of contemporary art. This will be assessed on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the programming and the professional outreach of the organization. International contacts and partnerships play a role in the assessment, as well as international recognition of the (guest) curator involved in the project.
    • The significance of the project and the relevance of the specific work of the artist(s) for the project and the international recognition of the (guest) curator involved in the project can play a role.
    • The relevance of the project, the platform’s program and the timing of the presentation with a view to  the international developments in the arts.
    • The artistic quality of the artist’s work and the entrepreneurship of his/her artistic practice.
    • The quality of the presentation plan, mainly the description of how the presentation will be announced to attract and bind a relevant audience in an inspiring manner.
    • For applications for a (guest) curator from the Netherlands: the quality of the curator’s professional practice.
    • If applicable the sustainability of the publication for furthering the artists international position.

    An International Presentations Grant is awarded if the advisory committee issues a positive ruling on the basis of the above criteria, applied interdependently, and there is sufficient budget. A positive ruling may be accompanied by a recommendation on the amount of the financial contribution to be awarded. Due to budgetary considerations, the advisory committee is requested by the Board of the Mondriaan Fund to rank the positive rulings in order of priority.

    Please note that if an application is awarded, we will share a copy of the disposition and the budget form with the artist(s) involved.

  • Apply

    Applications for an International Presentations Grant can be submitted via an online application system, for which you need an account. With your account you can access the application form, where you can fill in the questions and upload the information requested in the checklist below.

    The contributions from the Mondriaan Fund cannot be awarded retrospectively. For this reason the applications must be submitted well in advance of the desired starting date. Applicants must allow for a processing time of three months from the moment the application is complete.

  • Contact

    For assistance or questions please contact Dewy Karsten Schüler [+31 (0)20 523 15 15], Philip Montnor [+31 (0)20 523 16 55] or call the general phone number:  +31 (0)20 523 15 23.

  • Checklist

    The information requested below relates to applications by platforms outside the Netherlands. We refer applying artists from the Netherlands to the explanation in Dutch.

    In the online application form you must upload the requested information as a pdf. We advise you to formulate and collate this information before you fill out the form. We additionally request you to answer various questions, including questions for evaluation purposes.

    A recent (not older than one year) registration of your organization with the Chamber of Commerce in your country
    If this is not possible, we would need alternative confirmation of your official registered status. The confirmation must be recent and up-to-date.

    Information on the presenting platform
    This should include a description of activities of the platform over the past two to four years, with your mission, target groups, (international) contacts and cooperative partnerships, audience reach and media attention for the activities.

    Project plan
    This should include the concept for the presentation, motivation for including the selected artist(s) and information on the work to be presented. If the project entails a commission to produce new work, the project plan must include a description of and substantial motivation for this commission. If applicable, a list of other artists involved and the professional profile or a compact CV of the (guest) curator of the project. If the project is a joint effort, details of the partner organization(s) must be included, as well as a motivation for the collaboration. If the application includes a publication: your arguments for the significance and necessity of the publication. Please also include the title, authors, subject and content, number of copies, publisher, distribution plan and costs of the publication. Maximum: 5 pages. Language: English.

    Artist statement
    A statement by the artist(s) on his/her work and (developing) professional practice. Description in a maximum of one page per artist of the intellectual and artistic principles and how these are expressed in the work and in the professional practice. Please include any  collaborations or partnerships.

    Visual documentation
    With the emphasis on recent work by the artist(s) up to a maximum of twenty digital images, accompanied by a list of documentation. Please click here for the technical specifications.

    List of documentation
    Each image, or film, video or sound fragment should be listed, titled and dated. Moving images and sound should be timed. For example: 01, title, 2010, 2 minutes.

    Presentation plan
    With the exhibition dates, the title, a communication plan and a description of how the presentation will be announced to attract and bind a relevant audience and how you intend to emphasize the ties of the artists or guest curator with the Netherlands. Please mention the projected number of visitors and the desired media attention for the activities.

    A compact CV of the artist(s) and/or (guest) curator from the Netherlands should include the most significant details on the entire professional practice of the artist(s) or (guest) curator, with the emphasis on the past two to four years. Exhibitions (indicate whether solo or group), events, commissions, awards, publications etc. should also be stated, including the years in which these occurred. Also mention related activities, such as teaching posts, advisory roles or work on committees. With a maximum of three pages per artist or (guest) curator. Please collect all CV’s in one pdf-file.

    Declaration of consent
    A signed confirmation by the selected artist(s) or (guest) curator, indicating their permission for submitting the application. Please collect all declarations in one pdf-file.

    Specified budget with a financing plan
    The budget must be submitted in euros. In case of a new art work or side-specific installation, commissioned by the platform,  a reasonable fee for the artist(s) from the Netherlands is mandatory. The fee may be included in the production costs, but must be paid by the platform.

    Quotations or specifications are required for budget items above € 1.000. Please collect all quotations and specifications in one pdf-file.

    If applicable:

    Recent bank statement
    If it is the first time your organization is applying with the Mondriaan Fund or if your bank account details have changed since your previous application, we request you to upload a recent bank statement.

    Municipality residency certificate
    For non-Dutch artist(s) or (guest) curators, a recent copy of their municipality residency certificate (in Dutch: uittreksel bevolkingsregister/afgifte basisadministratie) is required. The document cannot be older than three months. Please collect all documents in one pdf-file.

    Diplomas and certificates
    If the artist has been professionally active for less than three years, or the participating (guest) curator for less than two years, copies of all relevant diplomas and certificates are required, or a statement from the academy/university when the study was terminated prematurely. This only applies if  the Mondriaan Fund has no copy  of the diplomas on file. Please collect all documents in one pdf-file.

latest update: 16.07.2020