KunstKoop for galleries

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For whom and what?

Galleries that have been accepted to the KunstKoop scheme will be able, when selling artworks, to offer their clients the possibility to make use of the KunstKoop loan. Individual art buyers can then take out an interest-free loan and pay for their purchase by instalments. To this end, the Mondriaan Fund has made an agreement with Santander Consumer Finance Benelux. This consumer finance company will pay the purchase amount directly to the gallery, and the Mondriaan Fund reimburses the interest for the loan.

With the KunstKoop, the Mondriaan Fund wishes to reinforce the private market and encourage the sale of high quality contemporary visual art and design.

Participation in the KunstKoop scheme can be applied for once every two years through the online application system of the Mondriaan Fund. The next round for galleries to cooperate with the KunstKoop will be in 2021.

  • Conditions

    Apart from the general terms and conditions, the Kunstkoop is subject to the following conditions:

    • An application can only be submitted by a gallery that is located in the Netherlands, that has been registered at the Chamber of Commerce for at least one year, and that has functioned as a gallery for at least one year.
    • A gallery is defined as a professional, economically independent organisation with a space that is freely accessible to the public, in which varying exhibitions take place. The primary goal is to organize selling exhibitions and to sell artworks of contemporary visual artists or designers that have not been traded by third parties before. Art libraries, (semi) government institutions and other subsidized institutes cannot apply.
    • The gallery has at least six varying exhibitions per year.
    • It is open to the public for at least fifteen hours per week.
    • The gallery that has existed for over three years, has realized, in the year prior to the moment of application, a business turnover (total turnover out of sales or mediation in sales) of at least 30,000 euros per year (including VAT), as can be demonstrated by a reliable external report. For galleries that have existed for a shorter period than three years prior to application, a minimum turnover of 20,000 euros per year (including VAT) is required.

    Additional conditions for artworks and buyers:

    • The sold work has been created by an artist or designer that is included in the list of artists/designers that the gallery represents. This list is established on the basis of information that the gallery owner has supplied to the Mondriaan Fund.
    • The KunstKoop applies to artworks of living artists or designers who perform activities with an artistic content in the area of visual arts and/or design and are integrated as such in the professional visual arts and/or design field in the Netherlands.
    • The KunstKoop applies to artworks that were created after 1945.
    • Artworks that have already been traded by third parties, such as in the art trade and at auctions, cannot be purchased with the Kunstkoop scheme.
    • Artworks made in series are only eligible for financing if the edition is limited to sixty and the works are signed and numbered.
    • Reprints, reproductions, facsimiles, copies of originals and photographically created screen prints fall outside the KunstKoop.
    • The term of the loan is 6 months, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months, depending on the wishes of the buyer. The loan can always be repaid earlier with no additional cost.
    • Because of regulations of Santander, only individual buyers from 18 – 74 years old are eligible for a KunstKoop loan. The loan may extend to the day before the 76th birthday at the latest.
    • The KunstKoop can only be used by individual buyers living in the Netherlands.
    • The minimum loan is 250 euros, the maximum loan is 7.500 euros. For freelancers this is until 5.000 euros.
    • The application for a loan is submitted with Santander Consumer Finance Benelux. Santander assesses the loan applications, in accordance with the conditions for taking out a personal loan. The Mondriaan Fund does not play a role in the direct contact between the consumer finance company and buyer and does not have access to the financial data of individual buyers.
  • Assessment

    All applications that meet the formal conditions and are submitted with the requested attachments will be presented to a committee that issues advice about the admission to the KunstKoop. It examines whether the gallery meets the demands of professionalism and quality. It does so on the basis of:

    • a policy plan in which the gallery owner presents their vision of the selection in their gallery (principles in the choice for artists/designers, exhibition policy, aims, working method, etcetera);
    • a list of artists/designers that the gallery represents;
    • an overview of the exhibitions that were organized in the period of 2018-2020 and an indication of the exhibitions planned for the period of 2021-2023;
    • images and invitations belonging to the exhibitions from the aforementioned overview (insofar as it is available, and preferably in digital format).

    In the assessment of the application, the advisory committee uses three criteria:

    The professionalism of the gallery: does the gallery work according to good sector practices? This means the following:

    • There is a regular group of artists/designers with whom the gallery sustains a relationship. This is demonstrated by, amongst other things, recurrent exhibitions of these artists, where the public gets the opportunity to follow the work of these artists at this gallery.
    • The gallery attests to its professionalism by set-up and design in general, the way it presents itself, the way it arranges its exhibitions and the way it deals with buyers and artists/designers.
    • With its activities, the gallery makes a positive contribution to the development and reputation of the artists/designers that it represents, for example by printing invitation material, cooperating in publications, publishing monographs, stimulating (online) visiblity, organizing lectures and exchanges, and taking care of presentations during art fairs and other events.

    The quality of the artists/designers that are represented by the gallery. Is the quality of the oeuvre of the individual artists/designers of importance to contemporary visual art in the Netherlands? What will be considered in this respect is, amongst other things, the imaginative power, substantive principles, uniqueness, and mastery of the chosen techniques.

    The quality of the exhibition programme as a whole. The exhibition programme demonstrates a substantive vision as expressed in the policy plan. The exhibition policy is consistent in its content, set-up and realization. For a balanced distribution of participating galleries across the Netherlands, the region in which they are located will be taken into account.

    Final assessment
    Admission to KunstKoop only takes place if the committee, on the basis of the above criteria in conjunction with one another, issues a positive recommendation.

    The board of the Mondriaan Fund may, for budgetary reasons, request the committee to classify the positive recommendations in order of priority and to weigh the applications relative to each other.

  • Applications

    Participation in the KunstKoop scheme can be applied for once every two years through the online application system of the Mondriaan Fund. At this moment no applications can be filed.

    You can fill out an online application form here, and submit it with the attachments requested in the checklist below. Click here for the FAQ about online applications.

  • Contact

    For more information you may contact Carmen Muskee [+31 (0)20 523 1511] or call the general phone number: [+31 (0)20 523 15 23]. This explanation is based on the KunstKoopregeling Grant Programme.

  • Checklist

    A policy plan of two to three A4 pages containing your vision on the exhibition policy and the choice for the artists/designers that you represent. How does the programme of the gallery relate to that of other galleries, both regionally and nationally? What is the importance, in that respect, of the gallery in the region in which it is located? Do you carry out gallery activities abroad? And if so, which are these?

    Artists or designers
    A list of artists and/or designers that your gallery represents. Specify first name, surname prefix, surname, any pseudonyms, and birth dates of all artists/designers.

    An overview of the exhibitions that were organized in the period of 2018-2020, and exhibitions planned for the period of 2021-2023 (the period for which the application is submitted).

    Business turnover
    Financial report by an accountant, or an externally controlled financial statement about the business turnover in 2019. This information is only intended for verification by the Fund office. Neither the committee members nor any others will gain access to these data.

    Registration certificate from the Chamber of Commerce
    A recent and up-to-date certificate (up to one year old) from the register of the Chamber of Commerce.

    Visual documentation material
    You can add documentation material to your application in a PDF file. You can add this to the explanation of your policy plan or to the overview of exhibitions. In exceptional cases and in limited sizes, you may send relevant appendices later, such as publications or programme booklets. These will be handed out to the advisory committee for inspection during their meeting. You may send these to the Mondriaan Fund within two weeks of submission at the latest, with reference to your application number.

latest update: 01.10.2020