Stipendium for Art Initiatives

For whom and for what?

The Stipendium for Art Initiatives is intended for the smaller art spaces and artists’ initiatives in the Netherlands. This is a heterogeneous group of organizations, institutes, partnerships, collectives, that may or may not be temporary or nomadic; they are small in terms of workforce, physical and organisational structures, and have come about from a particular inspiration and the motivation to present art in a different way. With that, they often contribute to the production of new work by visual artists. The smaller initiatives stand out for an independent and flexible attitude and method, which stands close to the art and the artist. The programme is risky and experimental.

Art initiatives may apply for a sum of up to 10,000 euros, to be used for activities during the course of one year, starting from the fall of 2019.

Initiatives that received a stipendium within this programme in 2018 cannot apply for one in 2019. These initiatives, as well as other initiatives, can, however, apply for other grants of the Mondriaan Fund.

  • Why

    The art initiatives operate mostly outside of the institutional framework, but nevertheless make up an important part of the professional art world. Especially for artists, they form an important link between academy and the professional field. The initiatives often pay attention to young practices, not just young in terms of age but also in the sense of ‘new schools’ or ‘forgotten’ artists. Artistic developments that are hardly or not (yet) addressed within an institutional context receive attention here. It is at these places that many artists and curators make an exhibition for the first time and meet an audience, where they try out new things. The art initiatives fulfil a crucial role in mediating, in offering a network, and in their contacts with the public.

    With this call, the Mondriaan Fund wishes to do justice to the role and position of the art initiatives in the Netherlands, and meet a call from the field for a specific form of contributing that fits the method and character of these initiatives. The relative margin in which initiatives operate causes insecurities and poses potential risks (less visibility, limited financial possibilities, no recognition), but also opportunities (freedom, flexibility, less rules). What is characteristic about these initiatives is that, with very limited financial resources and workforce, but with boundless energy, many activities are being developed. The driving force, time and again, is that something must happen, is urgent, must be carried out and presented at this moment; thereby focusing on room for experiment in which the artist is central.

    With this grant, the Mondriaan Fund wishes to increase the flexibility and strength of the initiatives, and foster transfer, circulation and professionalization.

  • Budget

    An art initiative may submit an application for a maximum of 10,000 euros, to be spent on activities during a year as from the fall of 2018 The total available budget amounts to 100,000 euros.
    The sum can be used flexibly. The art initiative may spend the sum on project costs, organisational costs, fees, education, or other plans that follow logically from the expressed ambitions. The sum can also be used for substantive or business advice from experts, or for mentoring by experienced visual artists, curators and other intermediaries. In their proposal, the applicants are requested to comment on the expected use of the sum.

  • How: procedure, criteria, assessment

    To apply for this stipendium, it is sufficient to submit a filled out application form, together with a short characterization of the initiative, persons involved, the activities in recent years, and the ambitions for the near future. In addition, the applicant must explain why a grant from the Mondriaan Fund is important at this moment, and in what way the grant could also provide an impetus to the initiative in the long term.

    All the applications that satisfy the formal criteria will be assessed by a committee that is assembled from the group of advisors of the Mondriaan Fund. A selection of art initiatives may be invited to give a verbal explanation to the committee and answer possible questions on site. The assessment will take place on the basis of what has already been realised, the expressed ambition, and the plans. There is no need to submit a detailed annual plan.

    The committee issues its recommendations on the basis of the following interrelated criteria:

    • The coherence between the artistic principles of the initiative and the way in which these are reflected in the activities.
    • The question whether the initiative and its activities are (expected to be) of interest for contemporary visual art in the Netherlands.
    • The role, position and method of the initiative and the way in which it relates to the current context and/or other disciplines.
    • The curriculum of persons involved in the initiative.
    • The investigative and/or innovative attitude of the initiative.
    • The inspiring way in which the initiative goes public and tries to find and hold on to an appropriate audience for its activities.
    • The alliances that the initiative enters into in order to realise the activities.
    • The relevance of activities from the recent past and the possibilities that the plan offers for the development of the initiative.

    If an applicant has received the stipendium before, the committee will also weigh the effect of that grant in its assessment. When an application is submitted by two or more parties, the committee will assess whether the cooperation in this plan has added value. An application can only be allocated if the committee issues a positive recommendation of the artistic functioning, the ambitions and, if applicable, the plan for cooperation, in conjunction with each other.

    Final assessment
    A Stipendium for Art Initiatives can only be allocated if the advisory committee issues a positive recommendation about the initiative and the submitted plan in conjunction with each other. For budgetary reasons, the board of the Mondriaan Fund may request the advisory committee to rank the positive recommendations in order of priority and weigh the applications against each other. Apart from that, regional distribution may also play a role.

    Successful applications
    When the grant is awarded, name and logo of the Mondriaan Fund must be stated on all manifestations (press releases, invitations, flyers, websites, publications, credit titles, etcetera). The contributions of the Mondriaan Fund are granted as an advance payment. For all awarded grants, up to a maximum of 90% can be remitted upon the allocation. The remainder is paid after approval of the final report, substantive and financial. Successful applicants should submit a substantive report with an evaluation of the activities, within three months of the end date of the activities.

  • Apply

    Applications for the Stipendium for Art Initiatives can be submitted through the Mondriaan Fund’s online application system, for which you need an account. With your account, you can fill out and upload the online application form, together with the attachments as requested in the checklist below. Click here for the FAQ about online applications.

    The Mondriaan Fund sets up personal accounts for individuals, and accounts on behalf of organisations. If your initiative involves a form of cooperation, but is not registered with the Chambre of Commerce, then one of the initiators can use a personal account to submit the application on behalf of the organisation. If the organisation does have a registration with the Chamber of Commerce, an account for organisations should be set up.

    The deadline for the round of applications in 2019 is on 29 April, 17.00 hrs.

  • Contact

    For more information you may contact Lotte Hemelrijk (020-5231664), Dewy Karsten Schüler (020-5231515) via email or telephone, or call the general telephone number (020-5231523).

  • Checklist

    The following attachments must be uploaded as PDFs together with the application form:

    A short profile of the initiative and an overview of activities over the past years. Describe the substantive and artistic principles and how these are expressed in the activities. Also describe the meaning of the initiative in relation to the artistic surroundings, the local context and/or other initiatives and institutes within and outside of visual art.

    CVs of the persons involved in the initiative. These should contain the most important data about your practice, focusing on the last two to three years. If applicable, also describe any possible collaborations and the division of roles within that collaboration.

    Description of the ambitions for the near future, the substantive and artistic principles in these ambitions, and the intended audience. It is important that this should concern a programme rather than a once-only project or activities that can be considered part of the regular professional practice of an individual artist. Also describe how the grant will be used, why a contribution by the Mondriaan Fund is important at this moment, and how it may also form a stimulus for the initiative in the long term; also, how the initiative aims to go public and how it aims to find and hold on to a relevant audience in an inspiring way.

    Documentation materials
    Documentation materials of the art initiative about activities from the past two to three years can be included in the same PDF in which you describe your plan. Non-digital documentation (only if it is recent and relevant to the application) can only be supplied in consultation. With your application, you cannot make use of documentation that is already held by the Mondriaan Fund.

    Statement of the persons involved
    With joint applications: when the application is submitted on behalf of several persons (such as in the case of an artists’ collective), a statement of consent for submitting the application must be sent along with the application.

latest update: 11.12.2018