The Luceberthuis in cooperation with Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen

deadline: 01.11.2021

For who: multidisciplinary visual artists
What: 1 working period of 6 months
When: February 1st – July 31st 2022

Lucebert (1924-1994) was one of the most famous Dutch artists of the 20th century. He was a poet, visual artist, photographer and jazz lover and lived and worked in Bergen for decades. His studio, located in the former showroom of the collector Piet Boendermaker, has been made available by the Lucebert Foundation since 2015 to visual artists, writers and artists who work cross-over in different disciplines. Residents have included Praneet Soi, Peggy Franck, Arjan van Helmond and Gabriel Lester.

The Luceberthuis and Museum Kranenburgh collaborate in the implementation of the residency. The museum sees a unique opportunity in the collaboration with the Luceberthuis to investigate the importance of a contemporary ‘artists’ colony’ and to keep alive the artistic history that has had a major effect on the course of the arts in the Netherlands. The museum wants to question the role and position of the artist in relation to social dynamics from a contemporary perspective. In the 1920s, Bergen was known as an ‘artists’ village’ and from that time on it was a place from which artists pursued innovation in the arts, most notably in painting. The creating artist was at the forefront of the Bergen community. Some of the houses once occupied by prominent artists have been passed on to the next generation, becoming places for artists to stay temporarily. The Luceberthuis invites artists whose work has a multidisciplinary character, entirely in the spirit of the poet, photographer, graphic artist and painter Lucebert. As in previous years, the Luceberthuis wants to pay attention to the multi-talent of artists and the cross-fertilization between visual arts disciplines in the coming years. Every year 2 to 3 artists are offered the opportunity to live and work in the house and to conclude this period with an exhibition in the house.

The Luceberthuis consists of a large house and studio (approx. 300 m2). It is fully furnished and has several bedrooms. Lucebert’s large and high studio is in its original condition and receives light from all directions through a crown of skylights. In the house you will also find a large art book library owned by Lucebert, a photography darkroom as well as an etching press. The studio gives an impression of the place where the artist Lucebert created his experimental universe, lived with his family and welcomed his artist friends. The Luceberthuis is located in a small residential area at the edge of Bergen’s centre. For more information:

  • For Whom

    We search for visual artists whose working practices match the profile of the Luceberthuis and the aim of Museum Kranenburgh. Primarily, this refers to artists whose work is seen as showing a relationship between the visual arts and literature, image and language. Artists who push boundaries and work broadly in different disciplines are invited to submit a proposal. In collaboration with Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen, parts of the residence can be displayed publicly.

  • Working Period

    There is 1 working period available for the duration of 6 months:

    February 1st –  July 31st 2022.

    This working period is conditional and dependent on how the coronavirus develops.

  • Application

    The deadline for submitting an application for a working period is November 1, 2021, before 5:00 PM.

    Before submitting an application, read the explanation Residency for the terms and conditions, assessment and application procedure. On that page you will also get to the application form. Also read the general terms that apply to contributions from the Mondriaan Fund.

    A longlist is drawn up on the basis of the committee’s recommendations. The selected applicants will be invited for an interview with Meier Boersma of the Lucebert Foundation and a representative of Museum Kranenburgh. The final selection is determined on the basis of the interview. If it appears that no suitable candidate can be selected from the applications, the advisory committee can nominate candidates itself.

  • How Much

    The Mondriaan Fund provides a grant of €2,000 per month for travel, material and accommodation costs. This amount is intended for 1 person. In addition, a personal contribution of at least 10%, or €200 per month, is expected from the chosen resident. The applicant must indicate how the personal contribution is financed This can be your own investment, but also a contribution from third parties, an interest-free loan from the Kwadraat Fund or a contribution through crowdfunding.

    If a duo or partnership is selected for a guest studio, the amount for the guest studio will be increased by an amount for additional travel costs and a proportional amount for the accommodation costs for the other applicant. The rent of the studio/accommodation, supervision and presentation are not included in the subsidy amount and are paid for by the Mondriaan Fund.

latest update: 12.10.2021