The Mondriaan Fund offers a wide range of grants for visual artists, mediators, organisations and commissioners with the purpose of stimulating the development and visibility of visual arts and cultural heritage in the Netherlands. Please click on the grant programs to open the corresponding explanatory notes and the application form. Before submitting your application, please take note of the General Terms and Conditions.

Organisations that are not based in the Netherlands, but have the aspiration to organize an actitivity including art from the Netherlands, can apply for the two following grants:
Participation international art fairs
Grant International presentations

An overview of the total range of grants that can be applied for by individuals and institutes from the Netherlands, can be found below:

Talent Development Grants
– Stipendium Program for Emerging Artists
– Stipendium Program for Established Artists
– Mentoring

Depth Development for Artists and Mediators
– Artist-in-residency Grant
– Stipendium for Depth Development Artistic Practice
– Grant for Assistance
– Grant Program for International Development of Talent

Project investment grants
– Project Investment for Visual Artists
– Project Investment for Mediators
– Grant for Publications (for artists and publishers)

Program Commissioning
– Grant for Commissioning Contemporary Art
– Stipendium for Emerging Artists with Commissioner
– Stipendium for Established Artists with Commissioner

Project Grants for Institutes and/or Commissioners
– Project Grant for Art Platforms, Museums and other Heritage Institutes
– Grant for International Presentations
– Grant for Participation in International Art Fairs
– Grant for International Collaborative Projects with Heritage Institutes
– Support for Individual Acquisitions in Heritage Institutes
– Support within the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act
– Grant for Collection Reallocation and Decollecting
– Loans for Mobile Heritage
– National Commemoration History of Slavery

Multiannual Programming
– Support for Museum Collaborations
– Grant for Multiannual Programming Art Platforms
– Grant for Multiannual Programming Museums and other Heritage Institutes
– Support for Acquisition Programs in Art Museums
– Private Purchasing Art Scheme

Sky Funding
Fonds Kwadraat