In addition to the general conditions, the following conditions apply to Art Heritage Presentation grants:

• Art Heritage Presentation grants are intended for publicly accessible cultural institutions that organize presentations of contemporary visual arts and/or heritage in the Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius or St. Maarten.
• An Art Heritage Presentation grant may not be used to cover fixed costs, the building or founding of museums or for regular operations. Institutions for professional art education and post-academic institutions may not apply, nor can commercial institutions whose main focus is sales, or sector institutions without a museum function.
• A grant may not be requested for journals, publications, symposia or conferences, except for special publications, symposia or conferences that are inextricably linked to the project.
• Arts Heritage Presentation grants may not cover activities that are already or will be funded under another regulation of the Mondriaan Fund, under the Regulation on Specific Cultural Policy, or by any other provision financed from public funds.
• The minimum budget of the project must exceed € 25,000 and must not include any fixed costs.
• The Mondrian Fund supports up to 40% of the variable project costs. In 2019, the average contribution per project was around € 48,000. Contributions of € 75,000 or more are highly exceptional. Please contact the Mondriaan Fund if you wish to apply for a grant of such magnitude.
• If an artist is involved in the plans, a realistic honorarium for the artist is mandatory and must be included in the budget. The fee will be paid by the applicant in accordance with the guideline for artist fees.
• All cultural institutions must subscribe to the Fair Practice Code (view the Fair Practice Code animation here for information and tips), the Culture Governance Code and the Diversity & Inclusion Code. Compliance with the Fair Practice Code automatically means that the institution implements the guideline on artists’ fees.