In addition to the general terms and conditions, the following terms and conditions apply to Artist Project grants:

Education and working practice
• An application for an Artist Project grant can only be submitted by artists who:
– have been working as professional visual artists for at least one year and are registered with the Kamer van Koophandel (KvK, Chamber of Commerce), or
– have completed higher professional education (HBO) in the visual arts for at least 3 years and have been working as a professional visual artists for at least 1 year, or
– have been working as professional visual artists for 3 years or more.
• An Artist Project grant may not be used to fund study. It may not be used while attending educational institutions, such as bachelor’s or master’s degree programmes, or post-academic or post-graduate programmes such as the Rijksakademie, BAK, de Ateliers, the Jan van Eyck Academy or Sundaymorning@EKWC.
• To be eligible for an Artist Project grant, you must be artistically and substantively active and embedded in the professional visual arts in the Netherlands.

Eligible costs
• The grant is not intended for work done for an organization, regular work activities, exhibition costs or other costs of presenting the artist’s work.
• Regular costs, such as ongoing housing expenses, may not be covered by the grant.
• The grant cannot be used to put previously produced work back into production, to frame it or transfer it to a different medium. The grant can be used to create an artist’s book, on condition that it is a special publication that is an autonomous work of art in its own right and is produced in an edition of no more than three copies. An Artist Project grant may not otherwise be used for publications. To help produce a publication, artists can apply for a Publication grant.
• The Artist Project grant may not be applied towards a working period in a guest studio in the Netherlands or abroad if this studio is offered in the Mondriaan Fund’s Residency programme. Click here for an explanation of the costs that can be included in the budget.

• In the case of a flexible grant amount, your own contribution to the project should be at least 10% of the total budget. This can be your own investment, contributions from third parties, an interest-free loan from Fonds Kwadraat, or a contribution through crowdfunding.
• There is no maximum amount for a flexible grant, but we do expect you to make every possible effort to obtain co-financing from third parties.
• If another party, such as a museum, gallery, company or client, is involved in the application, their financial contribution must be in acceptable proportion to the support requested from the Mondriaan Fund. All Dutch cultural institutions are expected to adhere to the Fair Practice Code. This automatically means that they follow the guidelines for artist honoraria.

Previous applications
• An Artist Project grant may not be applied for during the term of another financial contribution from the Mondriaan Fund if the fund board is of the opinion that the contribution would cover the same costs.
• No fixed grant amount can be awarded to an artist who has received an Artist Start grant (previously Werkbijdrage Jong Talent) within the last 12 months.
• Within any 48-month period, an artist may be awarded support for a maximum of 24 months. For the remaining period, an applicant can only apply for a flexible grant amount towards project costs (as part of an Artist Project grant).
• If a previous application was rejected on the grounds of artistic performance, you may not apply for an Artist Project grant within 12 months of the first application date, unless it is for a completely different plan, where the expectation is that your work is developing along a completely different path.