In addition to the general terms and conditions, the following terms and conditions apply to Curator Researcher grants:

Education and working practice

  • The applicant has been working for at least two years as a professional curator or mediator in the visual arts or cultural heritage and can demonstrate this with publications, exhibitions, research and/or other projects.
  • The Curator Researcher grant cannot be used to finance study. The curator or mediator may not make use of this grant while attending educational institutions, such as bachelor, master, post-graduate or post-graduate programmes.
  • The applicant is active in terms of substance and content, and is embedded in the professional visual arts and/or cultural heritage in the Netherlands.
  • The contribution is not intended for work done for an organization or for regular work activities.
  • A Curator Researcher grant may not be applied for a working period in a guest studio in the Netherlands or abroad if this residency is offered in the Mondriaan Fund Residency Programme.
  • If another party is involved in the application, such as a museum, gallery, company or client, the financial contribution from this party must be in acceptable proportion to the contribution requested from the Mondriaan Fund.

Previous applications

  • At the time of application, or during the period covered by the grant, the applicant may not be receiving any other financial contribution from the Mondriaan Fund which, in the opinion of the board of the Mondriaan Fund, would cover the same costs.
  • A curator or mediator can be awarded a grant to cover a maximum of 24 months within a 48-month period.
  • If a previous application was rejected on the grounds of artistic or professional performance, the applicant may not apply for a Curator Researcher grant within 12 months from the date of the first application, unless it concerns a completely different plan, whereby it is expected that the development of the applicant’s work will take a new and different direction.