In addition to the general terms and conditions, the following terms and conditions apply to Artist Basic grants:

Education and working practice
– The applicant must have been professionally active as a visual artist for 4 years or more. An advanced art education is not required to be eligible for an Artist Basic grant.
– Artists who have completed a higher visual arts degree programme may not apply until 4 years after leaving the academy. Periods in which the artist worked towards a master’s degree in visual arts do not count toward the period of professional practice.
– Periods in which the applicant participated in post-academic institutions or working studios, such as the Ateliers, Rijksakademie, BAK, Sundaymorning@EKWC or the Jan van Eyck Academy do count towards the required four years of professional practice.
– The Artist Basic grant cannot be used to pay for study. It cannot be used while attending higher educational institutions, such as bachelor or master programmes, post-academic or post-graduate programmes.
– To be eligible for a grant, you must be artistically and substantively active and embedded in the professional visual arts in the Netherlands.

Taxable income
– To receive an Artist Basic grant, the applicant’s aggregate income for the previous two years must not exceed € 40,000 per year. Any previous financial support from the Mondriaan Fund is not taken into account in this calculation.
– The level of collective income is assessed on the basis of income tax return forms or final tax assessments for the past 2 calendar years. For applications submitted before 1 October, the aggregate income from the 2 years preceding the previous year can be substituted. If the applicant did not file an income tax return during these years, we will ask for a statement of your income, a statement of why you did not file a tax return, and/or proof from the tax authorities that you did not have to file a tax return.
– If the income in the 2 calendar years prior to the dates to be covered by the grant was higher than € 40,000, but it can be foreseen in advance that it will be lower in the year of grant and the following year (for example, because a job is terminated), an application can be submitted. The income will subsequently be assessed through tax returns and tax assessments from the 2 years following the grant award. The recipient must then declare their aggregate income for each of these years. The declaration must be submitted before July 15 of the following year. Copies of the final tax assessments must also be submitted as soon as they are received. This also applies to applicants who had not filed an income tax return in the Netherlands in the previous 2 calendar years.

Previous applications
– Artist Basic grants can be awarded no more than once every 4 years.
– An artist who has previously been rejected on the grounds of artistic performance may not apply for an Artist Basic grant for a period of 12 months after the first application date.
– An artist may not apply for an Artist Basic grant during the term of other financial support from the Mondriaan Fund if the fund board believes that the contribution will cover the same costs.