[for the video: choose English subtitels in settings]

From Tuesday 02-11-21 onwards, the Mondriaan Fund has a new logo, a new visual identity and a new website.  The visual identity and strategy were developed together with Das Buro from Rotterdam.


Both internal and external research is done before arriving at this new identity. In addition to employees, experienced and inexperienced applicants were interviewed, as were regular and irregular users of the fund. This has resulted, for example, in the Application Help, an online tool that makes it easier to find the grants most suited to the user. Adjustments have been made to promote and advance digital accessibility. For example, a function to read out loud has been installed, the videos are now subtitled and colours with clear contrast have been used. The site also has a self-explanatory main menu and a neutral, clear visual language has been developed. With these changes, the Mondriaan Fund is implementing the accessibility described as an aim in the policy plan 21-24.

Eelco van der Lingen, director Mondriaan Fund:

“We are pleased that our ambitions, as outlined in the policy plan ‘Buiten de Perken’ (Dutch for Out of Bounds) have now come to be realised. Our applicants form a diverse group as they are; from visual arts to heritage professionals, from clients to foreign institutions – but there is also a lot of difference in disciplines, ambition, origin, experience, education and background. We would like to wholeheartedly invite this group to make use of the Mondriaan Fund. It is important that they know what we have to offer and that everyone can easily find and access the information they are looking for. The new identity that we have developed together with Das Buro is characterised by a friendly visual language. The fund does not wish to be a lofty authority, but rather an accessible link between policy, field, and public.”

Dennis van der Meule, creative director Das Buro: “These are the assignments that, as a strategic agency, you like to get your teeth stuck into. It shows guts and insight when an organisation is prepared to change both inside and outside. It’s not just putting on a nice new jacket, but coming to a new identity step by step, starting from the basics. The new Mondriaan Fund is dedicated to connection in all respects; human, approachable, helpful. This fact is implemented in all deliverables. From the font to the visual language, from the application help to the annual report, and of course in the logo that was designed with two elements that reinforce each other through the connection they form with each other.”

Website has been built by PMS72 Rotterdam. Staff Photos by Annemieke van der Togt, TogstStrip. Intro-video by Ivy Media. The accessibility test was performed by Robert Keus of Digitally Accessible. The reading function is from ReadSpeaker. All grants have already been renewed in January 2021 as part of a new policy plan period 21-24.