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Open Call Prix de Rome Architecture 2022: Healing Sites

The new edition for the Prix de Rome Architecture 2022 has started. Architects, landscape architects and urban planners can compete and respond to the theme and assignment. The theme of this edition is Healing Sites.

Deadline: 4 March 2022

This year the Prix de Rome Architecture is organized by the Mondriaan Fund in collaboration with the Creative Industries Fund NL and on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The presentation is organized in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Healing Sites

In a time where labour issues and climate issues go hand in hand, this edition of the Prix de Rome Architecture calls to rethink and redesign spatial practices. Architecture has been complicit in establishing the ecocidal legacies of capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism. How can architects, urbanists, and landscape architects reflect upon and rearticulate the way they work in undoing these legacies?

With the Prix de Rome being the oldest and most prestigious architecture award in the Netherlands, this edition’s jury feels the urgent need to redefine the role of a competition in identifying talented architects, urbanists, and landscape architects, supporting their professional development, and giving their practices increased visibility. This edition the jury calls for proposals of new methodologies, values, and design articulations that address our contemporary condition and has as its outcome a framing of the architect’s self-directed site of operation. With this the jury aims to redirect the efforts invested in this competition towards contributing to fair and sustainable long-term practices.

Constructing bigger, better, faster has put us on an accelerating trajectory towards a precarious future. When we consider our environment, it becomes clear that design interventions of the past, which have now entrenched themselves as the norm, are preventing convivial forms of all manners of life.  How can these parts of the invisible infrastructure of design be undone? Some parts may be superfluous, others beg for a meaningful architectural layer of comment, yet others need to reverse engineer or urgently be removed and redesigned as – Healing Sites – at least to mitigate effects or avert future man-made disaster.

For more information, the conditions and the assignment, see the website of the Prix de Rome.