Faq covid-19

Update 29 October 2020

You may in these uncertain times have questions about your application, project or event. Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions concerning the applications with the Mondriaan Fund.

Is your question not included here? Mail to communicatie@mondriaanfonds.nl, and hopefully we will be able to help you soon. If your question is also relevant to others, we will place it on this page.

New applications

  1. The coronavirus means that the future has become more uncertain. Does it make sense to submit an application at this moment?

    Yes, it certainly makes sense to submit an application. We hope that, in spite of the coronavirus crisis, everyone will keep doing that.

  2. It is possible that the Corona crisis will affect my ability to complete my project. Can I discuss this possibility in my application?

    If you already suspect that the corona virus may affect your ability to realize your project, you need to discuss this in your application. To what degree might it be affected and how are you coping with that possibility? In order to be approved for a project, a plan has to be achievable and practicable. If the project cannot be begun within a foreseeable time because of the corona virus, it is possible that the application will be refused.

  3. When I submit my application for a regular Artist Project, do I need to take possible limitations because of the coronavirus into consideration?

    Yes. It has to be possible to complete the project for which you are applying for support within a foreseeable amount of time. Your working plan should include an explanation of how you want to achieve that.

  4. Is it worthwhile to apply for support for travel or a working period in another country during the corona crisis?

    Yes. But take into account any potential interference that the coronavirus may have on your plans. If the country you wish to travel to becomes subject to a negative travel advisory after you have applied, then the amount of support is still valid for the period covered in your application. If that negative travel advisory continues for the entire period, get in touch with your contact person at the Mondriaan Fund.

  5. Can I apply for a project in a country for which there is currently a negative travel advisory (code red or orange)?

    Yes, this is possible if you expect the negative travel advisory to change to positive in the foreseeable future. See also the answers given above. Mondriaan Fund regulations require that we not support projects in countries for which a negative travel advisory is in effect.

  6. Has the coronavirus meant that many deadlines have been changed?

    The Mondriaan Fund hopes for as many projects and arrangements as possible to be completed. Some, however, will not be possible to achieve during the corona crisis. For others, this may not be quite the right moment, or we are allowing applicants to take a bit of extra time.

    Unfortunately, for now, there are no application possibilities for studios in other countries.  As soon as these Artist in Residency Grants are again available, we will report that on the website.

  7. Where can I find an overview of the 2021 deadlines?

    As soon as the 2021 deadlines are known, we will publish them in the Mondriaan Fund calendar.

  8. Because the committee meetings all currently take place online, it is of no use to submit physical documentary material. All documentary materials must be uploaded in PDF format together with your application. You can make your own PDF or video of that material.

  9. My final report has been submitted, but not yet approved. Can I start a new application?

    In most cases, yes, you can. But to be certain, get in touch with the project coordinator for the grant for which you have submitted your final report.

Pending applications

  1. Will the meetings of advisory committees go ahead?

    Meetings of advisory committees will in principle continue as planned, but will be held remotely through conference calls. For the time being, the measures taken will apply until 19 May; on the basis of the national guidelines that will be decided at that time, the Mondriaan Fund will also make a decision about continuation.

  2. Will the coronavirus crisis have consequences for the processing period of applications?

    We are trying to carry out all activities as usual. In some cases, however, the processing period of applications may now take longer than 3 months. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Accepted projects

  1. What do I need to do if a negative travel advisory (code red or orange) is in effect at the time my project is supposed to take place for the country I want to go to?

    In that case, contact the project coordinator of the category for which you have applied. We follow government guidelines, and for that reason, we advise you not to go to a country with a negative travel advisory. If you nonetheless decide to travel to a country with a negative travel advisory, the Mondriaan Fund is not responsible for any corona-related circumstances that might result in postponement or annulment of the project or presentation. The Mondriaan Fund will not reimburse any additional costs that result from this.

  2. Will I be able to respond to changes in the realization of my project because of the coronavirus?

    Contact the project coordinator of the category for which you have applied.

  3. What is the advance payment for an accepted project of up to 25,000 euros?

    For accepted projects of up to 25,000 euros, the full sum will be paid, unless the applicant lets it be known they would prefer it done differently.

  4. And what is the advance payment for an accepted project of over 25,000 euros?

    For accepted projects of more than 25,000 euros, the initial payment will be increased to 95 percent.

  5. My application has been honoured, but it is uncertain if my project can take place. What do I need to do?

    If there are doubts about whether something can be realized or not, you do not need to contact us. If something changes in the actual execution of your project, contact the project coordinator of the category for which you have applied.

  6. My project has been definitively cancelled or rescheduled. What should I do?

    Mail your contact person at the Mondriaan Fund. The contact persons per grant can be found here.

  7. I received an automatically generated message about final accountability. What should I do?

    • In case your project has been finalised and, due to the current situation, you need more time to submit a final report, you should contact your contact person through email.
    • If your project has not been finalised according to plan because of corona, you can account for that with an announcement in your report. If you pay every party included in the budget, we can then proceed to the finalisation. When in doubt, you can email your contact person.

    The contact persons per grant can be found here.


  1. What are the consequences for the Visitors Program?

    The coming visits within the Visitors Program for foreign professionals have been cancelled for the time being. Visit the website for an update.

  2. What are the consequences for the annual orientation trip?

    Preparations for the orientation trip have been postponed for the time being. See the website for an update.


  1. What is the best way for me to get into contact with the staff of the Mondriaan Fund?

    The Mondriaan Fund can be reached by phone, but we request that you contact us via email as much as possible. The contact persons per grant can be found here. If you have any other questions, or if you don’t have a contact person, please mail to info@mondriaanfonds.nl.

    On our website we will keep everyone up-to-date about deadlines, processing terms and what to do if a project or event is cancelled or rescheduled. Click here for more information.