Stimulating markets

The acquistion of contemporary art from the Netherlands reinforces the position of artists and is beneficial to a lively market, and to the dissemination of art both in the Netherlands and abroad. The fund stimulates presentations at art fairs. It also brings art and art buyers closer together through the KunstKoop, which means for everyone: 100% art, 0% interest! Check this out for grants, reports, interviews and crowdfunding tips.



‘Such a godsend!’

Art buyer Merel Coebergh about her acquisition at Dürst Britt & Mayhew
Interview with Annet Gelink Gallery about the participation in Art Basel 2017 with a Participation International Art Fairs Grant

KunstKoop website
The Mondriaan Fund focuses on individual artists and institutions in the visual arts and heritage sector.
Since 2011, the Mondriaan Fund has been working together with Fonds Kwadraat (formerly Materiaalfonds). Fonds Kwadraat…