1646 – Sam Keogh

1646 in The Hague is showing the first solo show of Sam Keogh in the Netherlands, from 29 June until 29 July 2018. He presents Orbital Debris, an installation of film and sculpture with an ambient soundtrack made in collaboration with The Iduna Institute for Strategic Imitation & Delay.

Orbital Debris takes its name from the scattered remnants of old satellites and spent rocket stages which constantly orbit the earth as space junk. This exhibition is composed of the fragmented parts of two recent mixed media installations; documents, remnants and research drifting through the medium of the soundtrack.

The track weaves through booths space, each song is made with a specific element of Keogh’s work in mind and molded through conversations and emails during the course of the residency at 1646. The soundtrack becomes a kind of binding medium, helping the fragmented elements of the show cohere into an exhibition-as-film.

The Mondriaan Fund awarded a Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms to 1646.


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