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Artist Start: 19 supported

Anna Frijstein, Finally I’m a marshmallow! (2018-2020). Screenshot of moving GIF (loop 00:09 sec)

Artist Start: 19 supported

Grant: Artist Start Year: 2021

19 artists have recently been awarded an Artist Start (formerly Work Contribution for Young Talent). This contribution is intended for starting artists who have been working professionally for a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 years. The contribution can be used for anything related to the development of work and art practice, such as research, material, equipment and projects at home or abroad.

The 19 artists who have received a contribution are:

Rick van Meel, Florens Kool, Florentijn Edelgonda de Boer, Diana Gheorghiu, Kimberley Dias, Nikolai Riedinger, Kristoffer Zeiner Christiansen, Stijn Ter Braak, Louisiana van Onna, Lorena Solis, Janne Schipper, Mattia Papp, Joanneke Jouwsma, Jan Philipp Hüskes, Marie-Louise Hodge, Matthieu Reijnoudt, Laura Jatkowski, Can Demren and Anna Frijstein.

An Artist Start can be requested at any time of the year.

Kristoffer Zeiner Christiansen, “Good Blueburry” (2020)

Diana Gheorghiu, Untired (2020)

Beauty Raise the Tree, 2021, Florentijn de Boek

Can Demren, Cenk Yigiter

Laura Jatkowski, verb rather than noun, video, x min, 2020. Presented at Palpable Surfaces, Trixie, The Hague, 2020.

Janne Schipper, Approximate Distance VII (2021)

Lorena Solís Bravo, Installation Metamorphoses (2021)

Stijn ter Braak recreated his own living room in paper during the lockdown: everything down to the smallest detail. © rr

Louisiana van Onna, The Butterfly Defect

Rick van Meel. During his residency at DordtYart, Rick built a full-scale replica of the JUNO satellite, a NASA space object.

Mattia Papp, Santi & Licheni

Nikolai Riedinger, Baeuchlings In Der Eigenen Kotze Vorm Interstellar Express, 190x160

Marie-Louise Hodge, Bruut Foundation Collection (2021)

Anna Frijstein, Finally I’m a marshmallow! (2018-2020). Screenshot of moving GIF (loop 00:09 sec)