Awardings Stipendium Program for Emerging Artists

Nina Fránková, Beans, 2014, mixed-media installation, 40x120x120cm, ceramics, make-up, dried beans, marble, paper.
Nan Wang, Pulverulence, 2016, Galerie Sign in Groningen. Foto: Mihail Bakalov.
Bram Kuypers, Plain paper plane, 2016, 256 vellen A4 Printerpapier & crepetape, 500 x 220 cm.
Matea Bakula, The march through Flying Fish Cove, 2015.

Visual artists Matea Bakula, Nina Fránková, Bram Kuypers and Nan Wang recently received a Stipendium for Emerging Artists from the Mondriaan Fund. In Dutch: Werkbijdrage Jong Talent.

The grant is meant for promising Dutch visual artists (or artists based in the Netherlands) that have finished their education no later than four years ago. With this stipendium the Mondrian Fund aims to stimulate the artistic development and cultural enterprise of starting or emerging artists. It can be used for everything related to the development of new work, for example to compensate costs for material, to do research or to execute projects in the Netherlands or abroad. Applications can be send in throughout the year (there are no specific deadlines).