Camden Arts Centre London – Jennifer Tee

The Camden Arts Centre in London shows a solo exhibition by Jennifer Tee from 2 July until 17 September. For the exhibition Let It Come Down, Tee worked around two concepts: ‘Let it come down’ and ‘Resist’. The first concept is a phrase that alludes to events outside of personal control, but also evokes a provocation, or a response. Their response is ‘Resist’.

‘Let it come down’ is translated in a new work made from rare, dried black tulip petals; the ephemeral piece will transform over time, slowly fading in the daylight. The work’s title alludes to events outside of personal control, but also evokes a provocation. In direct response, a series of new geometric hand-knitted floor works and ceramic vessels are titled Resist. Acting as both a standalone installation and as a potential stage, the works anticipate a forthcoming event. Embracing their duality, the works hover between their concrete form and their potential. Readings and choreographed performances will activate the works throughout the exhibition, exploring the act of resistance on both a physical and a spiritual plane.

Jennifer Tee works across sculpture, installation, performance and collage in an ongoing negotiation between esoteric ideas and the materiality of objects. Often working with charged cultural artefacts and symbols, Tee pairs diverse points of inspiration to instigate dialogues between Eastern philosophies and Western culture.

The Camden Arts Centre received a Grant International Presentations for the travel and accommodations costs of Jennifer Tee and for the production of new work.


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