Lara Almarcegui, The Plaster, Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, 2016. Photo: Patty Neu.

Casino Luxembourg – Lara Almarcegui

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain presents the exhibition Gypsum by Lara Almarcegui until the 4th of September.

Starting from the plaster used in the Casino Luxembourg exhibition spaces, Lara Almarcegui probes the geologic strata beneath them in search of the plaster’s raw mineral counterpart—gypsum—for potential exploitation. At the same time, she explores the materiality of the architectural envelope that covers and houses the gypsum. A play of relationships emerges between the powdery presence and the subterranean mineral property, between the building’s architecture and its physical reality, but also between the building and its urban context.

The Mondriaan Fund awarded a Grant for International Presentations to Casino Luxembourg for this exhibition, the commission for the production of new work and the accompanying publication.


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