CCS Bard – Arnisa Zeqo

CCS Bard CCS Bard

Arnisa Zeqo, curator and co-founder of RONGWRONG Artspace, is selected for a residency in CCS Bard from February until May 2015. The Center for Curatorial Studies is a masterprogramme for thirty curators based in Annandale-on-Hudson, situated approximately one and a half hour from New York. The center is connected to the CCS Galleries and the Hessel Museum.

During her residency, Arnisa Zeqo will research the relationship between art institutes and the presentation of performance art. The Mondriaan Fund provides support for the costs of travel, residency and material via the artist-in-residency grant.

In 2014 Christel Vester stayed in CCS Bard. Previously, residents were: Rebecca Stephany, Antonis Pittas, Bik van der Pol and Anke Bangma.