Eileen Maxson, evian is naive spelled backwards, 2015.

Eileen Maxson – evian is naive spelled backwards

The Queens Museum in the United States presents from the 10th of April until the 31th of July the group exhibition Queens International, the museum’s biannual exhibition of artists living or working in Queens. Visual artist Eileen Maxson takes part in the exhibition with her work evian is naive spelled backwards (2015). This work reinterprets social documentary photography for the digital age. Investigating globalization and labor, the project intervenes into a site for outsourcing anonymous internet labor. The artists began the work with a simple question: “Who are these (invisible) workers?”, and set-out to subvert the site’s strict policy of worker anonymity by paying them to capture self-portraits.

Eileen Maxson realised this work with support of the Mondriaan Fund via a Project Investment for Visual Artists (Projectinvestering Kunstenaar) and an Artist-in-residency Grant for a work period in Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Projectstudio Berlijn).