Feiko Beckers – Tenderpixel

As part of his first solo show at Tenderpixel, Feiko Beckers will present a series of live performances. He will fill the gallery space with props, objects and a series of stages and platforms that will serve both as part of the events and as installations remnant of the live acts.

In his practice, Beckers uses everyday stories based on events from his own life, including failures, accidents or embarrassing situations that he has personally experienced. His works highlight the unexpected and the merciless character of unfortunate events. He often examines behavioural patterns as a source anxiety, in order to unfold their dynamics and expose the underlying emotional charge. Starting from daily rituals that he unfolds into slap-stick like situations, the seemingly mundane stories and simple encounters become exemplary of the difficulties humans have with each other.

Feiko Beckers received a Grant International Presentations.


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