Gil & Moti – The Dutch Volunteers in the Nederlands Fotomuseum

Gil & Moti, The Dutch Volunteers Dreaming a House, 2015 Gil & Moti, The Dutch Volunteers Dreaming a House, 2015

From November 5th the project The Dutch Volunteers by Gil & Moti will be presented in the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. The project required the artist duo to enrol as volunteers both in an Israeli settlement and with Palestinians in the West Bank. In order to be permitted to do voluntary work in both territories, the artists took the radical decision to surrender their Israeli nationality and become Dutch citizens. Their new nationality enabled them to visit both sides, something that is impossible for holders of Israeli passports. They visited residents, did voluntary work, took part in everyday life and had a variety of informal discussions with their hosts in both Israeli and Palestinian-controlled areas. All of this was recorded in a multitude of photos and videos made using a smartphone. The result is a three-dimensional installation composed of video images, photographs and sculptures and featuring a physical and symbolic separation between the two worlds.

The Mondriaan Fund granted Gil & Moti with a Project Investment for Visual Artists for The Dutch Volunteers.