Guangzhou Triennial

Tiong Ang, Universality—Decorum of Thought and Desire, 2015. Tiong Ang, Universality—Decorum of Thought and Desire, 2015.

On Friday the 11th of December the 5th Guangzhou Triennial will open in the Guangdong Museum of Art in China. This edition focuses on a local understanding of “Asian Time” (the perspective of tranquility, reflection, concentration, and emphasis on values and wisdom) in a world dominated by a global “World Time” awareness (the perspective of acceleration, speed, visibility, ultra-capitalism, knowledge production, and exhaustion).

This triennial has a relatively high Dutch profile, because of the involvement of Henk Slager as chief-curator and the participation of four artists from the Netherlands: Tiong Ang, Sara van der Heide, Praneet Soi en Job Koelewijn.

The Mondriaan Fund contributed via a Grant International Presentations to support both the curator as the artists, including the production of new work by Praneet Soi. Tiong Ang and Sara van der Heide also created new work for the triennial, they received of the Mondriaan Fund a Project Investment for Visual Artists (in Dutch: Projectinvestering Kunstenaar). Job Koelewijn is presenting his work Relief.