Ipso Facto – Jan Banning, Law and Order

Publicatie Law and Order van Jan Banning Publicatie Law and Order van Jan Banning

Law & Order is a rare and innovative book about criminal justice combining as it does the world of photographic art with that of legal science. His photos reveal the daily realities of police, courts and the often hidden prison conditions in Colombia, France, Uganda and the United States of America.

The book includes Banning’s reflections on criminal punishment and Michiel Scholtes’ moving firsthand narrative of being tried and imprisoned in France. Legal specialists from the Max Planck Institute (MPI) in Freiburg, Germany provide brief introductions to the four countries’ justice systems, plus infographics on crime and criminal justice in them and a selection of other countries. Ulrich Sieber, director of the MPI, contributes a foreword.

This multifaceted collection of photos, texts and statistics raises questions about criminal policy that undermine political platitudes and popular clichés.

Publisher Ipso Facto received a grant Bijdrage Publicaties from the Mondriaan Fund for the production of this book.


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