Jakarta Biennale – Bik Van der Pol, Renzo Martens and Galit Eilat

Jakarta Biennale 2015 Jakarta Biennale 2015

Jakarta Biennale will be held from November 15 2015 until January 2016. This event carries the theme “Neither Forward nor Back: Acting in the Present”. With this theme, Jakarta Biennale seeks to concentrate on the present while refusing to indulge in nostalgia or escape into dreams of a future utopia. This perspective prioritizes works that focus on economic, social, and emotional conditions in the here and now, that portray how people in different cities and environments live with and take responsibility for the present through their actions.

Jakarta Biennale 2015 is curated by Charles Esche. He will collaborate with six young curators from all across Indonesia: Anwar ‘Jimpe’ Rachman (Makassar), Asep Topan (Jakarta), Benny Wicaksono (Surabaya), Irma Chantily (Jakarta), Putra Hidayatullah (Banda Aceh), and Riksa Afiaty (Jakarta).

The Mondriaan Fund contributed to the production and presentation of work of Bik Van der Pol and Renzo Martens. And the participation of curator Galit Eilat.


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