Jean Bernard Koeman – Middelheim Museum

© Lieven Segers. © Lieven Segers.

Until 27 March 2016, Middelheim Museum in Antwerp presents the exhibition POM’ PO PON PO PON PON POM PON: A transverse formation of sculptures. The exhibition mobilises works from the permanent collection, from artists like Isa Genzken and Franz West, brings together existing works by contemporary artists from Belgium and abroad, and invites contemporary artists to create temporary interventions.

POM’ PO PON PO PON PON POM PON is (the sound of) a parade, a march, a procession, a man-hunt. It is a rhythmic ode to the unlimited freedom that the arts can assume simply by looking around and being inspired by the commonplace.

Jean Bernard Koeman received a Project Investment for Visual Artists (in Dutch: Projectinvestering Kunstenaar) for ‘Het Anagram van een Jaartal’, an installation for the exhibition. He build a sculpture from industrial materials, such as a roof dome and water tanks, and combined it with a spider like mini crane. Together they form an installation which creates associations with a situation, a suggestion and a certain scalelessness.

Participating artists:
Carl André – Joannis Avramadis – Guillaume Bijl – Alexander Calder – Vaast Colson – Aaron Curry – Raymond Duchamp-Villon – Peter Fengler – Michel François – Jens Galschiot – Isa  Genzken – Christian Jankowski – Jean Bernard Koeman – Frank Koolen – Jef Lambeaux – Michel Martens – Claes Oldenburg – Peter Rogiers – Bernard Rosenthal – Roman Signer – Olivier Strebelle – Dennis Tyfus – Jose Vermeersch – Henk Visch – Franz West – Rik  Wouters