Installation view of Using Walls, Floors and Ceilings: Willem de Rooij, Bouquet XI, 2014. White fiberglass vase, plinth, flower arrangement of allergenic flowers originating from the Middle East, first version created by Bella Meyer, New York. Courtesy of Petzel Gallery, New York, and Regen Projects, Los Angeles. Photo by: David Heald

Jewish Museum – Willem de Rooij

The Jewish Museum in New York received from the Mondriaan Fund a grant International Presentations for the display of new work from Willem de Rooij. His work Bouquet XI is on display until April 19, 2015.

Willem de Rooij’s Bouquet XI  is a monumental, visually complex floral sculpture composed of species indigenous to the Middle East – inspired by the fact that Israel is a major flower exporter. The drifting pollen alludes to the conflicts and harmonies that arise when borders are traversed and cultures collide, while the display of Middle Eastern flora, thousands of miles from their native habitat, hints at other global forms of movement, such as trade and commerce.


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